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The term 'New Age' indicates the forward-looking attitude of Aquarius -- whose keynote is "Freedom."  
We seek freedom to be, freedom to become.     
Clifford Bias, from "The Way Back" 1985 Samuel Weiser Inc.
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Ventura Beach with Mike Dooley, June 7, 2015 Infinite Possiblities Train the Trainer
Dorothy Morrison visits Forever And A Day 10-08-2011
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The Lemurian Connection     From Book 10: A New Dispensation       

There is a core of humanity that has always been here… that’s never left. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, it has incarnated into expressions
of humanity that emanated from the continents and many societies you called Lemuria. It was one of the greatest civilizations on the planet.
Although it was small compared to today’s standards, it was enlightened, almost to the end. It had great leaders and scientists, almost to the
end. The first group of you who emerged could be found in the Indus Valley in yet another great civilization—almost all composed of Lemurians.
However, it was not in your best interest to “clump” into another advanced society, so you were scattered yet again, this time all over Earth.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

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Dorothy Morrison visits Forever And A Day
With Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilites Train the
Trainer workshop, Ventura Beach 6/7/2015