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The term 'New Age' indicates the forward-looking attitude of Aquarius -- whose keynote is "Freedom."  
We seek freedom to be, freedom to become.     
Clifford Bias, from "The Way Back" 1985 Samuel Weiser Inc.
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Welcome... to Forever And A Day!
Ventura Beach with Mike Dooley, June 7, 2015 Infinite Possiblities Train the Trainer
Dorothy Morrison 10-08-2011
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I have seen this graduation of consciousness many times over the past eons of time within this galaxy.  There is nothing to
prepare you for the grandness of an entire consciousness shift.  Why so much talk about dark and light?  Because you have
been 'trained' to misunderstand it, and now you need to understand the truth.  A lower consciousness carries child-like attitudes,
traditions, and beliefs.  Now it all starts to focus into common sense and spiritual logic.  

We stand back and weep with joy at the event, and at the same time we have the anticipation and expectations before us of what
we have seen with the other planets in the past.  This is a magic time for you, old soul.  When I see you next, on my side of the
veil, you will be so anxious to 'get back and finish the job!'.  I've seen it before.

Never has there been a grander spiritual awakening on the planet that this.  The potentials are immense!  Too slow for you?  
Patience!  You are right on schedule, And so it is!.

Kryon - channeled by Lee Carroll      
    (from Kryon Book 13
- "The Recalibration of Humanity.  2013 and Beyond."