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Sessions are $25.00 for 45 minutes.  We have discount packages available if you want to buy more than one session.

All Salt Cave sessions start promptly on the hour and last 45 minutes. Reservations are strongly recommended.
What is Salt/Halotherapy?
Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy (Greek: Halos – salt; therapy – treatment) or Speleotherapy (Greek: Speleon – cave; therapy – treatment)
originated in salt caves and mines of Poland and Russia. Doctors noticed that the miners rarely got sick or had skin disorders. Salt therapy has
been used for centuries and recently more and more studies have been done to better understand how it works.

Halotherapy is an all natural approach to healing with a 75-95% efficacy rate. Pharmaceutical grade dry salt is micro-particles and dispersed into an
enclosed environment through a state-of-the-art halogenerator.  The salt draws out the moisture mucus and impurities, kills anything that is in the
airway and helps with inflammation both in the airway and on the skin.

Why Halotherapy?
Good for your respiratory system:  Asthma, Allergies, COPD, CF, Cold/Flu, Sinusitis, Bronchial Infections, ear aches.  Salt Therapy helps you
breathe easier.  In a 2006 study from the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical immunology, people with asthma reported breathing easier after
several weeks of regular Halotherapy treatments.  A New England Journal of Medicine study in 2006 found that inhaling salt infused vapor improved
breathing for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Good for your skin:  Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dry Itchy Skin, Aging Skin.  Salt Therapy helps reduce signs of aging.  Your skin
is the largest organ in the body and the most visual reminder that time passes. Incorporating dry salt therapy into your skin care routine helps
reduce signs of aging. Studies show that dry salt helps balance the skin's ph level and increase elasticity, making your skin look and feel healthier.
Salt therapy also helps stimulate cell turnover, repairing and regenerating the skin. Regular and consistent dry salt sessions help people with skin
conditions like psoriasis, eczema, inflammation, dermatitis, acne and rosacea.

Lung Health:  Salt Therapy is good for your lungs.  In Hungary, salt therapy treatment is recommended by doctors and covered by health insurance.
The most popular cave was set up by a Polish physician 150 years ago after discovering that salt miners did not suffer from lung diseases.

Good for Athletes:   Increased strength, lung function and oxygen saturation.

Good for stress reduction.. Salt Therapy helps reduce stress.  Salt Therapy helps reduce anxiety and headaches. When used in conjunction with
yoga, Halotherapy enhances relaxation and meditation. It also helps you get a better night's sleep.  Salt Therapy is good for your overall emotional
and physical well-being.  The calming and detoxifying effects of Halotherapy support the immune system. Salt Therapy helps improve brain function,
regulate blood pressure and carry nutrients to your cells. Halotherapy has been around for thousands of years in Europe and the Middle East. Since
the 1200's, Europeans have reaped the healing benefits that come from sitting in a salt-filled cave.

How does Salt/Halotherapy work?
Pharmaceutical grade salt is ground up into particles smaller than 1 micron and blown into the salt cave by a halogenerator. Himalayan salt is used
in the walls and floor of the cave, but Himalayan salt is NOT used in the halogenerator.  It is not good to breathe into your airways nor is it good for
the halogenerator because of the aluminum and additives found in the salt. However, Himalayan salt is wonderful to ingest.   It helps to balance PH,
it tastes good (flavors our food) and has a great many benefits.

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Serenity in a salt cave.
Can Salt Therapy help you?
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Salt Cave hours of operation
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12 pm to 7:00 pm
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Click here to schedule and pre-pay for a session

Note:  If you have bought a punch card for multiple
sessions, you cannot use this link, you must call
Forever And A Day to schedule your session.  
Remember to bring your punch card.
Salt Cave hours of operation
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12 pm to 7:00 pm
12 pm to 6:00 pm
12:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Click here to schedule and pre-pay for a session

Note:  If you have bought a punch card for multiple
sessions, you cannot use this link, you must call
Forever And A Day to schedule your session.  
Remember to bring your punch card.

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral

     Helps to draw the impurities out of the air-way, both upper and lower.

     Stimulates the bodies internal build-up of foreign particles


     Opens bronchial tubes in lungs, reduces inflammation in the sinuses

     Strengthens respiratory function

     Breaks up and clears moisture and mucus
Who can benefit from Salt/Halotherapy?
Anyone can benefit thanks to Salt/Halotherapy’s mood and immune enhancing effects. More specifically, Salt/Halotherapy can be a great benefit to
those who suffer from the following conditions: Allergies, Asthma, Acne, Immune System Deficiencies, Respiratory Conditions, Bronchitis, Cystic
Fibrosis, Cold and Flu, Cough, Infections, Eczema, Emphysema, Nasal Congestion, Psoriasis, Sinus Infections, Snoring, Sore Throat (in addition to
many others).

How often should I do Salt/Halotherapy?
A session will last 45 minutes. For mild to moderate respiratory conditions 10 to 12 sessions are recommended, depending on individual results. For
best results the sessions should be 4 to 5 times per week. Since everybody responds differently to therapy, this is provided as an average upon
which to gauge your personal experience. After that, one time a week for maintenance is recommended.

Who should not do Salt/Halotherapy?
We recommend that you consult with your doctor or physician if you have any concerns before starting Salt/Halotherapy. People not advised to do
Salt/Halotherapy are those experiencing: infections accompanied by fever, active tuberculosis, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol and/or drug
intoxication.  While these minerals are a prized source to ingest, as they get absorbed at the cellular level in a synergistic balance that the body
readily recognizes and utilizes

What time should I arrive for my Salt/Halotherapy Session?
It is highly recommended that you arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will give you time to fill out paperwork as well as
visit the restroom, in order to ensure an uninterrupted session in the Salt Cave.

What is The Salt Cave Cancellation Policy?
Scheduled sessions are reserved for you and a 24 hour advance notice is required to cancel any service with no charge. If your appointment is not
cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed.  If changes or cancellations are made after the 24 hour time
frame you will be charged for the session.

What should I wear during the Salt/Halotherapy session?
Wear comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxing session. The Salt Cave/room maintains a temperature of 70F and 40-50% humidity.  It is necessary
to wear clean white socks. We have booties available to cover your feet. We encourage clients to walk around on the salt floor for the added benefit
of reflexology. We also provide lockers for your purses and cell phones.

Are drinks or food allowed during the Salt/Halotherapy session?
No food or water is permitted in the Salt Cave/room. If there is a medical condition that demands the use of water during the Salt/Halotherapy
session, accommodations can be made.  There is water available to drink after your session.

What do I do during the Salt/Halotherapy session?
The Salt Cave/room was designed to help you leave your worries behind with the aid of soft golden lighting from the salt, peaceful music, and
comfortable Zero Gravity lounge chairs with fresh blankets provided. We encourage this quiet time to be used for relaxation or meditation. This will
ensure a quality experience for all in attendance.

How long are the Salt/Halotherapy sessions?
All sessions are 45 minutes long and begin on the hour every hour.

What can I expect during the Salt/Halotherapy session?
A dry throat is sometimes experienced; this is a normal effect of the dry aerosol created by the salt generator. This aerosol consists of micron sized
salt particles which serve to break up mucus and have anti-inflammatory properties.

What will happen if I arrive late to my scheduled Salt/Halotherapy session?
Arriving promptly for your session is imperative, as once the session has begun, out of respect for those already enjoying the effects, we do not
interrupt the session that has started. If you cannot arrive on time, we will need to reschedule for the next available opening

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

NO SHOES. Disposable foot covers provided – please use these during your salt cave experience.

Please wash your hands and if you have children, make sure they have also washed their hands prior to entering the salt cave.

Kindly ensure that all electronic devices are turned off and placed in a locker. Please leave any valuables in a locker, we will not be responsible for
any lost or stolen items.

Please DO NOT touch the walls or throw the salt from the ground.

A quiet environment is appreciated by all; some enjoy meditating while others like to listen to the music and even sleep.

Wear casual, comfortable clothes. Blankets are provided if required.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

As a courtesy to others, please do not leave the salt cave during your session unless there is an emergency.

Kindly avoid any perfumes, lotions, oils or fragrances.

Please let us know if you are coming with a larger group as space is limited.



Stress Reduction


    From the moment you enter the salt cave surrounded by all of the Himalayan salt, your body and mind will begin to relax.  

    A 45 minute session will relax, refresh and heal your body, mind and soul.

    Engage your senses, breathe salt, feel better.

Why Is Halotherapy Becoming So Popular?
Respiratory illness is a chronic and growing epidemic.  Our world is becoming more and more toxic everyday and as a result more people are
experiencing a declining quality of life.  1 in 4 American have some form of skin disease/condition.  More and more elite athletes are looking for an
edge.  Folks are looking for all natural treatments to limit/minimize use of pharmaceuticals.

Halotherapy Paired With Other Wellness Modalities
Halotherapy is the perfect partner across many wellness modalities and disciplines to enhance the experience.  
Enhances Athletic Performance

Research suggest 1 in 3 athletes experience EIB/EIA

Expands the airway for increased lung-function

Increases oxygen saturation and exchange

Helps with muscle endurance and recovery

Strengthens abdominal wall muscles for increased lung capacity and oxygenation
Naturally triggers skin microcirculation and membrane activity

Enhances skins protective and reparative properties

Kills anything on skin -  anti-microbial

Helps with inflammation of the skin - anti-inflammatory