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We have a Psychic Fair the second (2nd) Saturday of each month. Please come out and support our wonderful
group of readers and practitioners.  Services typically are $1.25 per minute with a 20 minute minimum
can go
longer than that.
NOTE: Some readings will take longer than 20 minutes.  Please tell your reader before beginning a session if you
do not want to go longer than the minimum.
Forever And A Day Practitioners
We think we have some of the greatest practitioners  in the world!  Make your appointment now with your favorite
reader or practitioner.  Walk-ins are always welcome: however, appointments are always being booked and time
and space is limited.  
Call today to schedule an appointment!
Gail has been a Tarot interpreter for over 31 years.  She is a Wiccan Priestess originally
from Binghamton, NY, and now resides in Covington GA.  She is also a published author,
and her books of poetry, "The Fourth Face of the Goddess" and "The Wings of the
Goddess" are available here at Forever And A Day!  
Boo Newell is a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator.  She has
manifested these abilities from early childhood.  Boo is able to move effortlessly between
the realms of the living and those in spirit, whether they are people, animals, angels or
guides.  She is able to work with people, as well as animals, from this side and the other
side to bring greater insight and clarity to the life issues we all face.  By using her gifts of
clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience to channel this information, she is able to
help her clients find answers and healing in the areas of concern in their lives such as
relationships, family, career, and finances. She can see and talk to ghosts to affect
clearings of people and spaces by helping them go into the Light. She also uses her skills
and events as well and how they are affecting, and will affect, the client's present life and
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Boo Newell - Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Animal Communicator
Gail Hamby -  Tarot Readings
Legal:  Forever And A Day does not give refunds for Psychic Readings for any reason whatsoever.  The fee for the reading is based solely
on the time the reader spends with each client, regardless of the client's opinion as to the accuracy of information given in their reading.  We
believe in the integrity and professionalism of our psychics and intuitive readers.  Not every reader will resonate with every customer.  
Remember, a true psychic will tell you things that can only be proven over time; you may not understand how your reading will manifest, so
keep an open mind.  As the art of metaphysics is beyond the proof or scope of science, each client agrees to seek out the psychic 's advice
of their volition, with the specific awareness that
no guarantees or assurances of any kind are given  regarding information gained via
psychic means.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician.  For legal matters, please contact an attorney.  For entertainment purposes only.
I offer aura & chakra photography and a color personality analysis. The color personality
analysis is a 22 page report that covers your Mind-Body-Spirit, stress/relaxation, energy level,
relationships and intimacy, career and finances, health, well-being and growth.
Rhonda Leiva - Aura Photography
Psychic since childhood, Anjali has been Reading professionally for the past 15-20 years. A
natural intuitive and Clairaudient.  Shandra has been a top reader on the Psychic Lines for
over 10 years.  Shandra is able to describe the personality of your loved ones and how you
and your relationship interact with each other.  This personalizes the reading so you know
she's reading your life and no other.
Anjali -  Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Pet Psychic, Past Life Regressions and Clairvoyant
Kathleen Robinson - Tarot Reader and Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
Kathleen is a certified spiritual counselor with bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology
and a master's degree in counseling.  She uses her intuitive and psychic powers to help
guide you in the right direction.

• Do you feel stuck and don't know what to do with your life next?
• Are you wondering when important events may happen in your life?
• Or do you just want to know where things are headed?
Darragh is an internationally known Visionary Artist and co-founder of Visionary Endeavors
LLC. She resides in Atlanta, GA and is the mother of three wonderful children and grandmother
of seven.  She is presently traveling the USA lecturing, presenting Creative Weekend
Workshops, and exhibiting her work in various galleries.  She is currently displaying her work in
the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Japan.  Darragh does visionary spirit paintings
by appointment. If you are interested, please ask the staff at Forever And A Day to contact her
to set it up.
Darragh Hodges -  Visionary Spirit Art
Margo Cline got a professional astrology reading many years ago and it changed her life.  
She had discovered what a wonderful life-mapping tool astrology can be.  Now she has been
studying and practicing astrology for twelve years and wants to help others in their life quest.

Margo is a member of the Metropollitan Atlanta Astrological Society.
Margo Cline -  Astrologer
Senior Store Practitioners
At Forever And A Day since 07/31/10   
Store Practitioners
At Forever And A Day since 12/29/12   
At Forever And A Day since 7/06/13   
Using her intuitive reading of tarot cards and psychic ability, let Kathleen help you find the answers to these
questions and more.
Predict possible future outcomes. • Find out when important life events may happen. • Gain insights into life
experiences. • Address underlying concerns. • Understand the next steps. • Identify themes and patterns.
At Forever And A Day since 9/27/13   
At Forever And A Day since 12/21/13   
At Forever And A Day since 12/13/14   
Guest Practitioners
Jennifer Franco has been doing massage since 2003. Since graduating from Atlanta School
of Massage, she has worked full time as a massage therapist in the metro Atlanta area. Her
favorite type of massage to give is a deeply relaxing, meditative massage, but her specialty is
listening to the client and giving the best massage she can according to their needs. She has
been trained in many modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, NMT, reflexology, pre-natal
massage, and hot stone massage, as well as myofacial release and she is currently attuned
to the first level of Reiki.
Jennifer Franco -  Sacred Spirit Massage
At Forever And A Day since 5/20/16   
Psychic Fair
Rhythm Healer Eric Olson is a Certified Spiritual Medium, Certified Reiki Master and Intuitive
Reader.  Eric has developed a unique approach to healing called Rhythm Healing which
combines rhythms drumming with Reiki energy into a powerful tool for facilitating healing and
positive change.  When he is not working with his drums, Eric uses Tarot, oracle decks, his
Spirit Guided and intuition to deliver insights into issues you might be facing and assist you in
manifesting positive change in your life.

Eric is an instructor through Zenith School of Metaphysics and offers workshops on using drum
rhythms to energize and heal Chakras.  Eric also facilitates drum circles across the Southeast.
Eric Olson - Rhythm Healer
At Forever And A Day since 11/24/12   
Mary Olson is the only certified Tribal Grooves Instructor in Georgia. Her mission is to help
women get in touch with their bodies and spirits through the power of dance.
Mary Olson - Tribal Grooves, Gypsy Caravan, Tribal Bellydande
At Forever And A Day since 2/08/13   
Water Willow's name comes from here deep connection with Spirit.  Water symbolizing the
unconscious, change, healing, rebirth and renewal.  The American Indians believed water
signified life, fertility and purity.  The union of willow brings with it a long history of Celtic
symbolism, meaning enhancement of psychic abilities, honoring the moon and increasing the
significance of love in our lives.  Feel the essence of Water Willow as these elements unite
and she brings forth her gifts through spiritual vibrations.
Water Willow (Felicity Moss) -  Sacred Sound Bath
At Forever And A Day since 5/19/17   
Hello, I'm Susanna Shina... I've always been THAT friend who just "knows".  My psychic
abilities have always been there, even before I knew what to call them.  As a psychic
medium, I receive an instant download of information that comes to me through our Spirit
Guides connecting.  I receive a deep knowing about the purpose of past, present situations,
relationships, and challenges... and then I hear answers about what to do, to expect or
things to watch for in the future.  

I'm here to held you move through difficult periods of uncertainty, worry and confusion and to
find more joy in your journey.
Susanna Shina -  Psychic-Medium, Empath, Intuitive
At Forever And A Day since 10/02/17   
NOw open seven days a week!
Through years of dedication and devotion as a Spiritual Seeker, Deb feels she is now in tune
with her "Soul's Voice."  She is eager to facilitate the same for you!  Her intention is to be in
the flow, allowing her unique blend of gifts to come forth.  She is committed to integrity in her
profession.   She is a natural teacher for those willing to learn and open to new possibilities.  
It is with love and gratitude that she shares her gifts to uplift and inspire fellow mystical
Deb Blythe Spirit -  Family & Relationship Counseling - Mediumship - Intuitive Readings - Pet Connections -
Remote Viewing - Life Coaching - Psychometry - Aura Readings
At Forever And A Day since 10/15/17   
The Language of Light or "Language of Love" is Universal. Our souls speak it fluently.

As Humans it bypasses our busy mind and opens our heart allowing us to more fully align to
our soulfulness and remember the truth of who we are.

A Light Language Session is like a breath of Hope and Love reminding us that All is Well.  It
often brings forth messages and inner wisdom too.

Come Play in the Light!
Sara Cerny -  Light Language Channel
At Forever And A Day since 10/23/17   
Katra is an Inspirational Coach who uses her multi-sensory gifts to Guide, Teach, and
Support others on the path of self-awareness.  Together, we explore life lessons and grow
as Spiritual Human Beings, fully embracing and enjoying this journey called Life!
Katra -  Psychic - Medium - Bridgekeeper - Multisensory - Empath - Life Coach - Crystal Reader
At Forever And A Day since 9/02/18   
Disha is a qualified Astrologer and Palmlist who gives accurate psychic readings through a
range of mediums.  She is a professional consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance
to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges
that may lie ahead of them.  When you schedule your psychic reading with Disha, you will
receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the aspects of your life where you
feel you need the most guidance.
Disha Assudani -  Psychic Astrologer - Palmist
At Forever And A Day since 9/02/18   
Aba has studied various religious systems and methods of divination, concentrating mostly
on tarot.  He is experienced with all types of readings for all types of clients, dealing with a
broad spectrum of issues.  He provides readings based on intuition, interactions with the
clients, and the energy exchanged in the process.  Aba has also taught others the art of tarot
for themselves.
Once the client selects the deck and helps shuffle the cards, Aba uses a variety of spreads
including 5-card, 17-card, and traditional Celtic Cross among others to show what needs to
be remembered, thought about, or acted upon.  Both personable and open, he will lay
worries to rest and provide helpful guidance with what needs to be done!
Aba -  Tarot Cards
At Forever And A Day since 9/02/18