The Washington Post - Washington DC
November 27, 1910  
Diversion of English Society Which Is Conjuring "Demons" and Practicing the "Black Art" -- But Seems to Need a Lot
More Practice

London, Nov 20

The titled beauties of England, and for that matter beauties without titles and titles without beauty, have taken up most earnestly the pursuit of
the higher 'black art," the conjuration of ___ evil and otherwise, the ___ or ___ mysteries, such as ___ of ___ for profanation of ___   ___
Grecian Phyrne was condemned to death and saved only by ))) snatching aside her garments and dazzling her judges.

Not perhaps since the days of Cagli__ and of the beginnings of the Spiritualist era has such a fever for occultism and weird rites that flourish
___ at midnight seized upon aristocratic and ___ London.  Perhaps the cause is the dullness of the court of George and Mary ___ contrasted to
the always seeming __ of Edward.  Perhaps it is only the natural progress from ___  ___, Indian Swamis  ___ and ghost hunting.  At any ___
___ ___ ___ Countess of Warwick )) the other day.  "Everybody seems to have their hearts' hearts set on raising the devil'.

The leader of the movement is
Aleister Crowley a distinguished English poet and ____.  He leads a society which, in ___, revived the old order
of the Rosicrucians, that medieval Society of mystics which even up to the end of the eighteenth century had for a ___ all the astrologers and
alchemists and most of the great scholars, chemists, and sages.  If it had re___  ___ it was two decades ago ___ a ___ community of
enthusiasts and ___ ___ these would have been no occasion now to remark upon it, save as a curious reappearance of mysticism in ___ ___.

But in the last five years the society has spread amazingly, and its adherents are in every country.  Within the last year the soulful branch of the
English aristocracy has embraced it, and chapters are soon to give demonstrations in the United States.

Even Sir Oliver Lodge has not been above attending various seances in a scientific effort to discover if the old incantations could really raise
anything.  The beautiful and eccentric Lady Marjorie manners, the daughter of the equally eccentric Duchess of Rutland, is said to be among
the foremost of the Rosicrucians.

Meetings of the Rosicrucians for the purpose of conjuration and of invoking "forbidden knowledge" have been secret until last week.  Then the
Eleusinian rites were performed openly in a London hall.  The original rites were celebrated in ancient Greece, in honor of Demeter or Ceres,
the earth mother or goddess and to Persephone of Proserpine, her daughter, who was captured by Pluto, god of the underworld.

Purpose to Attain Religious Ecstasy.

These modern Rosicrucians admit frankly that their purpose is to attain religious ecstasy, and to get into communication with spirits, not
disembodied common spirits which on earth were plain John Jones or William Smith, but spirits that were powerful when Lilith flirted with Adam
and haven't any place in a respectable church of England heaven.

Lady Marjorie isn't certain that she has seen any spirits yet and betrays an impatience that may take her from the fold soon if her curiosity isn't
gratified.  Raising the spirits is hard work, according to the formulae prescribed by Poet Crowley, in his book, "The Equinox," which, by the way,
come down quite directly from the ancient sources.  Sometimes it takes six months to raise even the semblance of one, and if the conjurator has
fallen down anywhere during that time the spirit either doesn't appear or else the applicant is afflicted in a manner that makes Job's lot seem like
a pleasant dream.

For instance, the new Rosicrucians are very desirous of evoking the mighty spirit Taphthartharath, who seems to have knowledge of a lot of
things they would like to learn from him.  An elaborate "temple" has to be prepared for the conjuration.   The ceremony takes a lot of people.  If
they can't get Taphthartharath, he must be a very unreasonable and unaccommodating spirit.

However, when the "Temple" -- and it is very awe inspiring -- is prepared, the Rosicrucians begin.

The Magus of Art is usually a woman, and this is the part the title beauties just simply love to take.  She wears a white robe, yellow sash, red
overmantic, indigo nemys: upon her breast she wears a great tablet whereon is the magic seal of Mercury; and over this "the Lamen bearing the
signature to Taph on its obverse and Lamen of a Hierophant."  She wears a dagger in her sash and a red rose on her heart; and she carries in
her left hand the Ankh of Thoth -- that is the old crux ansata or cross of life of the Egyptians, and in her right the Ibis wand.

This, in the language of "Arry, is a neat but a bit gaudy outfit.  The assistant does his best to compete.  He wears a white robe with a girdle of
snakeskin, a black headdress; he bears in his right hand a sword, in his left hand a magical candle, and a black chain about his neck.

In commanding tones the chief Magus cries "Hekas, Hekas Este Beboli!  Fraters of the Order of the Rosy Cross, we are his day assembled
together for the purpose of evoking into visible appearance the spirit Taphthartharath."

Then they kneel and pray at the four points.  But as the form of conjuration of Taph takes nearly two hours to finish and uses at least 10,000
words, one can give only the most extraordinary parts of this ritual.

The temple is purified with waster and fire.  They proceed to conjure -- oh, very impressively.  Apparently Taph hesitates at first, because there
always follows the "stronger and more potent conjuration."  This reminds us of the witches in Macbeth -- "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble --"

The mighty Magus passes to the altar holding her dagger and sigil.  Her assistant is behind her to "the east of the magical cauldron, and she
casts into it at each appropriate moment the ingredient names."  These ingredients do not seem to be pleasant.

The Chief Magus cries:  "Come forth!  Come forth!  Come forth unto us, spirit of Kohab Taphthartharath, I conjure thee!  Come!  Accept of us
these magical sacrifices, prepared to give thee body and form.

"For the sweet scent of the mace is that which shall purify thee finally from the bondage of evil.  (Throws in the mace.)

"And the flesh of the serpent is the symbol of thy body which we destroy by water and fire that it may be renewed before us.  (Throws in the

"And the fire which flames over all (assistant lights hell-broth) is the utter power of our sacred rites!

"Come forth! Come forth!  Come forth unto us, spirit of Mercury, O, Taphthartharath.  I bind and conjure thee by him that sitteth forever on the  
throne of thy planet, the knower, the master, the all-dominating by wisdom. Thoth, the great king, lord of the upper and lower crowns."

Then they conjure the unhappy Taph by the name -- Iahdoni.

And by "the great magic word" __ it seems impossible that Taph can listen to this and not do something -- here it is:  StiBeTTChePhMeShiSS.

And then by this __ ZBaTH.

After which comes a full hour more of names, but none quite so peculiar.

If Taph can stand all this and still remains obdurate, they keep right at him with what is called the "extremely powerful conjuration."  This puts it
on the unfortunate Taph dreadfully. Part runs lie this.

"Zodecar Eca od Zodamerhnu odo kikale Imayah olpe piamoel od Vaoan"

"I curse and blast thee, I consign thee unto the lowest hell of Abaddon.  "I curse thy life!  "and blast thy being!  Down! Sink down to the depths of

And then it is really horrifying, all the things they wish to poor Taph.  It seems incredible that really nice girls will talk so.  For they are really nice
despite their peculiar tastes.  They want the earth of suffocate Taph, and fire to torment him.  They plead that "air shall no fan him, nor water
cool him, but torment unspeakable, horror undying, terror unaltering, pain unendurable" shall assail him.  Oh, such a dreadful lot of cursing!  
With the queer lights flickering and all intoning these most horrible wishes one begins to feel right creepy.  One wishes that Taph would appear
and save himself.  But one feels that if he does appear it may be equally unfortunate for those present!

                                                                                       If Taph Should Appear.

If Taph should come up and not be too put out at the way he has been abused, then they command him as follows:

"That thou teach unto us continually the Mysteries of the Aft of Magus, declaring unto us now in what best manner may each of us progress
toward the accomplishment of the Great Work.  Teach us the Mysteries of all the Hidden Arts and Sciences which are under the Dominion of

But if Taph doesn't come -- and there isn't any record that he ever has -- why then the worshippers go over it all again at the next meeting night.
It must make Taph feel something dreadful.  And they're all, as has been said, such nice girls, too.

Has any one ever raised the spirits?  Well, now!  Poet, Crowley's book, "The Equinox." which relates at length these conjurations, tells of a very
earnest seeker who for six months followed the exceedingly rigorous and ascetic course prescribed for the Rosicrucian way of seeing things.  
What he saw irresistibly reminds one of easier ways of seeing them -- and not so ascetic.  This is what he says happened:

"In bed I invoked the Fire angels and the spirits on the tablet, with names, etc., and the 6th Key.  I then  (as Hippocrates) entered my crystal.  An
angel meeting me told me among other things, that they were at war with the angels of the 30 Aethyrs to prevent the squaring of the circle.  I
went with him in to the abodes of Fire, but I must have fallen asleep, or nearly so.  Anyhow, I regained consciousness in a very singular state,
half consciousness being there and half here.  

"I recovered and banished the spirits, but was burning all over and tossed restlessly about -- very sleepy, but consumed of fire. (Note -- Nothing
is said here about the singular hallucination of a circumambulating bedroom)  Then I had a long dream of a woman eloping, whom I helped, and
after of a man stealing my rose cross jewel form a dressing table in a hotel.  I caught him, and found him a man weak beyond the natural I could
bend or flatten him at with and then the dream seemed to lose coherency 00 I carried him about and found a ___ ___  to beat him. Etc., Etc.,
Query  Was I totally obsessed?"

You were, brother, indeed you were.  

But many a man could have gone you several better on that vision and not have them six months to hatch it either.

Is it not sad to see fall you spirits of aristocracy, budded __ and withered branches seeking this __ __ in the name of StiBeTTChePhMeShiSS
others and talking so __ when he doesn't seem to understand." __ sad.  In other days it would have been sadder, because they would __ __ __
have __ the uncomfortable.  )) of witches and wizards.  In this ___ ___ day they are just allowed to go ahead and talk,  and so they talk,  and
that's quite all there is to it.