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Through regression therapy, and supported later by channeling from the Angel Alariel, Joanna and Stuart have brought the gifts, the
knowledge and the healing powers of the Essene Brotherhood back to our attention at a time when it seems that many of those who partook
in the dramatic life of Jeshua have returned to earth, gradually finding one another as they work to complete what was started then and what
is now so crucial for humanity: the Christing, or the birthing of unconditional love, within ourselves. This is truly life-changing work for anyone
seeking higher knowledge, and even hope -- come and join us! Stuart's and Joanna's website:
Stuart Wilson:
I was born in Exmouth in the West of England. He came from a conventional background and went to a Scottish public
school (Fettes in Edin-burgh). However his mother was fascinated by theosophy and the writings of Alice Bailey, and

this led to Stuart's lifelong interest in esoteric teachings and the Eastern and Western wisdom traditions. After service in
the RAF on Christmas Island in the Pacific, he entered advertising as an agency copywriter, rising over some years to
become an advertising manager for an industrial company. He then retrained as a counselor and set up a small
publishing business, which he later sold to concentrate on writing. He wrote two best-selling name dictionaries, including
Simply the Best Baby Name Book, and moved in 1990 to help his friend Joanna Prentis with the development of the
Starlight Centre in mid-Devon. He writes of this period: "It was inspiring and fascinating but also exhausting! A stream of
visitors came in to the Centre, mainly from the United States and Australia, but some also from Europe. We had an
amazing and mind-expanding time sitting at the feet of internationally respected spiritual teachers and workshop leaders.
What I remember most about this time was the big gatherings when our friends came in to share a meal and talk about
our experiences and all the changes that were happening in our lives. It was a wonderful time, full of joy and laughter,
and the special events, like Anna Mitchell Hedges sharing her crystal skull, and the two fire-walks led by Esassani, were
simply magical!"

Through channelling an angelic being called Alariel our work was able to move on to another level. Alariel's insight
greatly added to our second book, Power of the Magdalene, and enabled us to investigate the female disciples in much
greater depth.

Joanna Prentis:
I was born in Southern India and returned to my family's home in Scotland when I was nearly three. Years later I lived in
Hong Kong, and then for ten years in Western Australia where my interest in alternative medicine and education and
metaphysics began. On returning to the UK I gained diplomas in Humanistic Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Past Life
Therapy, and several different healing modalities.

I like to do Past Life as a healing for people, and this also sometimes produces some very interesting stories - the

energy when people relived their lives with Jeshua was beautiful and the most amazing information was revealed.
The Essenes - Children of the Light
Take a trip through time to uncover the mysterious Essene knowledge and secrets that Jesus was
taught. * Did Jesus really die on the cross? * Who was Mary Magdalene and what was her real
connection with Jesus?* Extensive new information about the secretive Essene mystery schools. It
is one of the great tragedies of Western culture that Christianity forgot and eventually denied its
Essene roots. Those roots are herein explored from the perspective of past life regression.
Fascinating new information emerged, including Essene links with the Druids, the existence of a
secret Core Group around Jesus, and contacts with the Order of Melchizedek. Perhaps the most
remarkable thing is that the Essene Jesus is restored to us, bringing to life the wise and loving
Being who has been obscured by so much doctrine and dogma. His words speak to us across the
centuries and open a clearer understanding of the Way, which he established, and the ultimate goal
of that Way. This book makes clear that Jesus did not stand-alone. He had the backing of a
powerful and dedicated team of Essenes, including Joseph of Arimathea. Thanks to the technique
of past life regression, this story can now be told for the first time, opening up a fascinating
window onto a unique and vital time in history.

Power of the Magdalene: The Hidden Story of the Women Disciples
The compelling sequel of the best-selling book The Essenes - Children of the Light. What is the
secret of Mary Magdalene s power? Who were the female disciples of Jeshua? Did Jeshua and
Mary Magdalene have a child? How can we understand the New Children now being born? What
changes will the New Consciousness bring into our lives? This is the story of the Essenes and the
female disciples of Jeshua who were deliberately marginalised and written out of the record. This
book focuses on the partnership of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, and culminates in the work of the
Crystal Children who are just now being born. This fascinating story was revealed through the
process of past life regression and through the insight of an angelic being called Alariel. This is the
inner history or our planet as it has never been told before. A narrative to inspire the spirit and warm
the heart.

Beyond Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation
This channeled information from an angelic source called Alariel opens up a new way of exploring
the mystery of who we are. It offers a new understanding of life and provides a complete answer to
the question, 'How do we create our own reality?'  This is a revolutionary text which takes you on a
journey of self-discovery, empowering you to create a better reality that is more in tune with your
aspirations and your dreams.

Atlantis and the New Consciousness
Through past life regression, and through the channelling of the angelic being called Alariel, this
book gives an overview of the whole Atlantean civilization.  It explores the Golden Age and shows
how the high level of consciousness achieved then has great parallels with the present day as we
move through the 2012 experience.  This is a book that probes deeper into Atlantis than ever
before, and it contains a whole section on 2012, the principles of transformation and the New

The Magdalene Version: Secret Wisdom from a Gnostic Mystery School
This book contains sensational new information about Mary as a transformational teacher.  Through
a channelling process, all the eight Keynote Speeches given by Mary Magdalene during Gatherings
on the island of Cyprus have been recovered, after being lost for many centuries.  They reveal her
as a spiritual teacher who inspired the Gnostic groups after Jeshua recovered from the cross and
returned to India.  At that point, Mary becomes the foremost spiritual teacher in the Western world.
Books by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis                                    Available at Forever And A Day

For the past twenty years, Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis have been explored the early Essene community, the life of Jesus, and the power of
the teachings of Mary Magdalene through the use of past life regression. In the course of these sessions, some fascinating previously unknown
information emerged, including:

-   Jesus survived his crucifixion and was spirited away from the tomb.
-   There were a number women disciples led by Mary Magdalene.
-   The secret role of the Order of Melchizedek in the Essene Community.
-   Jesus did not stand alone, but had the full backing of the Essene community, led by Joseph of Arimathea.
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