Raymond Buckland
(August 31,1934 - September 27, 2017)
"Magic is not supernatural.  It is really quite natural.  I believe very much that we create our own
realities, and this is really all that magic is:"   
Raymond Buckland

It is Raymond and Rosemary Buckland (born June 22, 1936) who are responsible for introducing Gardnerian Witchcraft
into America in the early 1960's.  The Buckland's were both students of
Gerald Gardner. Ray, who has a PHD in
anthropology, worked in Britain as a scriptwriter and consultant.  Raymond decided to write to Gerald after reading
some of his books, and after corresponding for a while it was arranged for Ray to be initiated by Monique Wilson (Lady
Olwen) and Gerald.  This followed a 10 day intensive course.  On the 18th day of November 1963, Ray and Rosemary
flew to Perth, Scotland to begin the program.  

Upon returning to the US, Raymond (craft name 'Robat') and Rosemary (Lady Rowan) proceeded to establish the
"Long Island" coven in Queens.  This line has become the largest Gardnerian line in the US. This line is sometimes
referred to as the 'Long Island Line'.

In 1966, inspired by Gardner's Museum of Witchcraft and Magic on the Isle of Man,  Raymond set up the "First Museum
of Witchcraft and Magic" in the US" in his basement.

Raymond's father was an author and playwright. Buckland is a Gypsy name and is of  Romany (Gypsy) descent, he is
an authority on Gypsies and has written several books on that subject.  

He is known as "The Father of American Wicca, he is also the founder of his own tradition of Witchcraft called Seax-
Wica.  After 28 years working in and leading the craft in America, Raymond retired from active participation in 1992.
Raymond is currently working on his autobiography. Today he lives on a small farm in north-central Ohio.

Raymond and Rosemary (Moss) married in 1955 and divorced in 1973, They had two sons, Robert and Reginauld..  
Raymond moved to New Hampshire where he married Joan Helen Taylor in 1974 Joan and he went on to form the Seax-
Wica. After nearly ten years, Joan and Raymond's marriage deteriorated and finally broke down, they divorced.   
Raymond next met and married Tara Cochan. In 1992 Ray and his third wife Tara moved to a farm in North Central

August 4, 2015 Raymonds facebook page announced: "Just over a couple of weeks ago Raymond experienced a large
heart attack. He was life-flighted to a main hospital were he was in incubation for three days. He has since been battling
pneumonia but is improving all the time. Prospects look good but he will not be able to respond to personal comments
for quite a while. We will keep everyone posted as to his progress."

Raymond died September 27, 2017 of a failing heart, at the age of 83.  Raymond’s wife, Tara said that Ray was active
right up until the very end. He walked two miles every day, ate a healthy diet, lifted weights and worked so hard to
maintain a vigorous life. He far out-lived his father and brother who shared the same genetics so he did a great job at
staying vibrant. “Ray died of a failing heart on Wednesday evening but his death was painless. He was in the hospital
awaiting a procedure that would have possibly been of help when he felt a flutter and then lost consciousness There
was no pulse. Hospital staff worked for about 40 minutes to bring him back and then let him go. That was it. I am
grateful for the ease of it but of course am deeply saddened by the loss.”

There are only three fully recognized Gardnerian lines in the United States:
The Long Island Line (from Raymond and Rosemary Buckland), the Kentucky Line and the Donna Cole Line.
A fourth line, the emerging California Line, is an offshoot of the Long Island Line. In the United States Gardnerians tend
to be highly attentive to lineage and its traceability.

His latest books are:
The Spirit Book
Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications
Wicca For One
Cards of Alchemy

Click here for an article entitled "Space-Age Witches".  The article was published in March 1966 by Saga magazine and
mentioned the arrival of Wica in the US.
A DVD version of his Wicca video has recently been
Rebirth of the Old Religion.

Ray Buckland has written over 40 books,
which include:

Practical Candle Burning

Advanced Candle Burning

Witchcraft from the Inside

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

Buckland's Complete Gypsy Fortune Teller

The Truth About Spirit Communication

Doors to Other Worlds

The Magick of Chant-O-Matics

Practical Color Magick

Scottish Witchcraft

Secrets of Gypsy Fortune Telling

Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick

True and Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft.

A Pocket Guide to the Supernatural

Witchcraft Ancient and Modern

Mu Revealed

Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World

The Tree: Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft

Here is the Occult

Anatomy of the Occult

The Magic of Chant-O-Matics

Gypsy Fortune Telling Layout Sheet

Secrets of Gypsy Dream Reading

The Book of African Divination

La Verdad Sobre La Comunicacion Con Los Espiritus

The Committee

Cardinal's Sin

Ray Buckland's Magic Cauldron

Rituales Precticos Con Velas

Buckland Gypsie's Domino Divination Cards

Advanced Candle Magic

Witchcraft Yesterday and Today

Gypsy Fortune Telling Tarot Kit

Gypsy Witchcraft and Magic

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Coin Divination

Buckland Romani Tarot Deck and Book

Wicca for Life

The Witch Book

Wicca - Practicas Y Principios De La Brujeria

Ellenguaje De Las Monedas

The Fortune Telling Book

Signs, Symbols and Omens

Cards of Alchemy

Wicca for One

Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications

The Spirit Book

DVD: Witchcraft - Rebirth of the Old Religion

Mediumship and Spirit Communication

Gypsy Love Magic Secrets

The Liberty Squadron

Churchill's Secret Spy

Atomic Sunrise

Unproduced Screenplays:

The Executive and Miss Kitty

Positively the Last of Dracula

The Wiitiko Inheritance

The Death-Sleep Conspiracy

Conjure a Demon!

Captain Willoughby's Big Adventure

The Spell of the Gypsy

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