Jessica Galbreth
Jessica Galbreth is one of today's contemporary fantasy artists from the US. As a painter of myth, magic
and enchantment, she is known for her fairy, mermaid, goddess, dragon, and unicorn paintings and is
one of today's most beloved fantasy artists.  Her paintings are influenced by Celtic mythology, Arthurian
legend and mystical landscapes.

Her fairies are magical. They have a hidden, mysterious quality to them and there is more to them than
what you see on the surface.
Jessica Galbreth was born April 29th, 1974  in Toledo Ohio, and began her love of fantasy art at a very young age. Prints, original paintings and
gifts from her Enchanted-Art collection are now found in public and private collections throughout the world.

"I draw much of my inspiration for my art from the intricate beauty of nature, as well as from my fascination with ancient mythology. Many times,
when I am painting my "portraits" of deities from ancient myth, I feel as if I am just a vessel - whereas I am being "used", so to speak, to bring
forth the images onto paper. Often, my finished works look nothing like I planned them's as if my hands are being guided by unseen forces
as the painting takes on a life of its own." - Jessica Galbreth

Jessica always excelled in art, especially painting. After winning an award for a painting in high school, Jessica decided to pursue her dream by
studying fine art at the University of Toledo inside the Toledo Museum of Art. Here she learned various techniques of drawing and painting, with
an emphasis on the human figure. After college, Jessica set out to begin her professional art career. Always having a deep appreciation and
fascination with fantasy art, it seemed only natural that she take this path with her art. It has been a decision that Jessica has never regretted.

"Even as a little girl, I loved all types of fantasy art. I remember collecting stickers, calendars, books (virtually anything I could get my hands on)
that depicted fantasy and mythological artwork. Over the years, I filled countless drawing pads with my own fantasy renditions: unicorns, fairies,
dragons, mermaids and the like. Even to this day, I still get that old familiar rush of excitement when I look at a beautiful fantasy painting. It is this
incredible exhilaration that keeps me painting my own creations in hopes that I too can evoke these feelings in the hearts and minds of others. I
can't tell you how it makes my heart sing when I hear from others who tell me how my art has touched them in a special way. I am inspired by
many things...Mother Earth and all her beauty, with all of her faeries and nature spirits, the glorious moon above with all her mysteries, the twining
vines and twisted trees of the forest, the twinkle in my little girl's eyes as she discovers the world around her, and most of all, by the magic that
exists in even the smallest things. Each painting is like a wonderful journey for me, and I never know just where it will take me in the end." -
Jessica Galbreth

Jessica's original paintings can be found in countless public and private collections throughout the world. Patrons can also purchase Jessica's
prints and gift items featuring her art in shops and galleries throughout the world.

Jessica married her high school sweetheart, Josh, on January 20th, 2001 in a candle-lit winter evening ceremony in an old fashioned chapel. Josh
works as an F-16 Air Craft Mechanic for the Air Force and Air National Guard in Toledo, Ohio. Together, they make their home in an enchanted
house in West Toledo where they live with their daughter Julia Rose, born February 24th, 2003, as well as a whole bunch of pets they consider
their kids (Nala the dog, 4 cats, a boa and a yellow-plated lizard named Reggie).
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Posing with COVR award, 2009 INATS in Denver!