Francis Israel Regardie
.                       (1907-1985)
Israel Regardie (Francis Israel Regudy) was born on November 17, 1907 in London, England to poor Jewish
immigrant parents. It is believed that he assumed the surname 'Regardie' after his original surname was spelt
incorrectly on an official document. He is best known as an occultist and writer of occult literature.

On February 18, 1926, at age 19,  Regardie applied for membership to the Washington College of the Societas
rosicruciana in America.  He was initiated into the Neophyte grade on March 18, 1926 and advanced to the Zelator
grade on June 2, 1927.  It was during this time that Regardie became interested in occultism.

He began to correspond with the occultist  
Aleister Crowley (who was living in Paris) in 1928 after reading one of
Crowley's books. He was awestruck by Crowley's talent and evident genius. In October 1928, he traveled to
France.. Regardie was met at the train station in Paris by Crowley and his current lover
Kasimira Bass.  They took
him by taxi back to their hotel.   Regardie became Crowley's personal secretary  

For the next three years he tried to get Crowley to teach him the magical arts. Crowley never offered and
Regardie, a modest and reserved young man, did not pursue the matter. He continued to study on his own,
reading every book, article or manuscript that became available to him.  

Fueled by the British tabloids and reputation, the French authorities asked Crowley to leave France.  Crowley
returned to England and later married his second wife,
Maria Ferrari Miramar in 1929.  Regardie was left behind in
France.  England refused him entry due to his association with Crowley.   In an effort to repair Crowley's damaged
image, Regardie co-authored a book with P.R. Stephenson called
The Legend of Aleister Crowley.  It was
published in 1930.

In 1932 Crowley and Regardie parted company.  Despite his association with, and admiration for Crowley,
Regardie never considered himself a Thelemite.

Regardie joined an offshoot of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1933.  With sponsorship of Dion Fortune,
he joined the Stella Matutina in 1933 but quickly became disillusioned with its egotistical leadership and departed
less than two years later after attaining the grade of Adeptus Minor.  Three years after that he published
Golden Dawn
, which was the bulk of the Golden Dawn's documents. This earned him the enmity of the other former
members and the reputation of being an oath-breaker. However, the book transformed the work of the Order into
an entire new branch of the Western Occult Tradition. The various occult organizations claiming descent from the
original Golden Dawn and the systems of magic practiced by them owe their continuing existence and popularity to
Regardie's work. Other books include
A Garden of Pomegranates, The Middle Pillar, and The Tree of Life, The
Philosopher's Stone.

Regardie returned to the United States.  He studied chiropractic in New York, served in the Army during World War
II, and afterward moved to Los Angeles to open a chiropractic clinic and also work as a Reichian therapist.  He had
studied psychology and psychiatry with several notable teachers and was a strong proponent of Jungian analysis
all his life, as well as the more controversial work of Wilhelm Reich.

In later life Regardie began to seriously regret the changes and additions to his books in the modern editions in
print now and many believe they do not accurately reflect Regardie's original texts and wishes.

Regardie retired from practice in 1981 and moved to Sedona,  Arizona where he continued to write.  
Dr. Francis Israel Regardie died in Sedona, Arizona on March 10, 1985 from a heart attack.

A Garden of Pomegranites
The Tree of Life
My Rosicrucian Adventure
The Art of True Healing
The Middle Pillar
The Philosopher's Stone
The Romance of Metaphysics
The Art and Meaning of Magic
Be Yourself, the Art of Relaxation
New Wings for Daedalus
Twelve Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment
The Eye in the Triangle
Roll Away the Stone
The Legend of Aleister Crowley (with P.R. Stephenson)

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