Scarlet Woman -- Babalon
As Crowley wrote in his The Book of Thoth, “She rides astride the Beast; in her left hand she holds the reins, representing the passion which
unites them. In her right she holds aloft the cup, the Holy Grail aflame with love and death. In this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament
of the Aeon”.

Crowley believed that many of his lovers and magical companions were playing a cosmic role, even to the point of fulfilling prophesy.

This list of Crowley's lovers is in no way complete.  He is known to have had dozens of lovers, more than are mentioned here, and doubtless
more children.  Included with the names are their years of birth an death (when known), as well as their initiate names and their 'animal names'
that Crowley, with humor and affection, gave to them.  Crowley's comments are in relation to his Scarlet Women only; '
SW' indicates Scarlet
Greenman fountain at entryway
Leila Waddell (Laylah) Crowley's muse during the writing of 'The Book of Lies
Leah Hirsig, the "Ape of
Thoth". her portrait as a
'Dead Soul' behind her
Leah Hirsig 1925
Leah Hirsig, 1925
Leah Hirsig was born April 9, 1883 into a family of nine siblings in  Trachselwald, Bern, Switzerland.  Her
family moved to America when she was two, and she grew up in New York.  She taught at a high school in the
Bronx while growing up.

She and her older sister Alma were drawn to the occult, and this interest led them in the spring of 1918 to
pay a visit to Aleister, who was living at the time in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan.  
Aleister and Leah felt an immediate and instinctive connection.  Leah asked him to paint her as a "dead soul'
and in Aleister painted several portraits of her.

In 1919 she was consecrated as his Babalon or, "Scarlet Woman", taking the name Alostrael, "the womb (or
grail) of God."

Leah had been previously married to Edward Hammond, by whom she had a son, Hans Hammond.
Maria Theresa Ferrari de Miramar   SW, Crowley's 2nd wife. He met her in England in 1929.  the marriage took place in Leipzig,
Germany.  Aleister was 53 at the time.  He called her "The High Priestess of Voodoo."  He wrote that under her influence, he had been able
to start serious magick with ritual precautions.  They appeared to be a settled married couple, however, within a year Crowley had found a
new lover and wrote to Maria, "You should get a divorce -- find a man who will stand for your secret drinking and your scandalous behavior.  
Maria wass admitted to Colney Hatch mental hospital suffering from the delusion that she was the daughter of the king and queen.
Lady Frieda Harris, artist for the Thoth Tarot Deck
Leah Hirsig, the
She was, however, in love with a married man by the name of Frank Summers, but knew that affair would never go any further.  Crowley, being
the gentleman that he was offered to help her out of her dilemma by marry her with no strings attached, in other words, marry and then go their
separate ways.  She gratefully accepted.   Crowley and Rose were married on August 12, 1903 in Dingwall, Scotland in a civil ceremony.  As it
turned out, they fell in love and their union was passionate and fruitful, both personally and magickally.  Crowley called her 'Quarda', an Arabic
word for rose.  

On March 16, 1904, while Crowley and Rose were performing a ritual to 'shew the Sylphs', Rose seemed to enter into a light trance and
repeatedly said, 'They're waiting for you!'.   Crowley began to listen to Rose after taking her to the Boulak Museum.  There he asked her to
point out Horus to him.  She passed several common images of the god and led Crowley to a painted wooden funerary stele from the 26th
dynasty, depicting Horus receiving a sacrifice from the deceased.  Crowley was impressed by the fact that the museum numbered this piece
666.  This was the number he had identified with since childhood.  At Rose's direction, Crowley entered his room on three successive days
beginning April 8, 1904 and wrote down what he heard dictated from a shadowy presence behind him. The result was the three chapters of
verse known as
The Book of the Law.   

Rose and Crowley had a daughter, whom Crowley named Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley, in July of 1904. This child
died in 1906 of typhoid. They had another daughter, Lola Zaza, in the summer of that year.  The marriage began to suffer after the lose of
their first child. They eventually divorced (November 11, 1909) due to Rose's struggle with dipsomania and other problems.

Following Crowley and Rose's divorce, Rose married the Roman Catholic Dr. Joseph Andrew Gormley at Kensington in October 1912.  Rose
Edith Gormley died in London, Feb 11, 1932.  

As an adult, Lola Zaza disowned her father. She married Frank Hill in Paddington on Saturday June 9, 1934.  They had a child named
Elizabeth Hill born in Paddington in 1935. Lola Zaza Hill died on Friday March 9, 1990 at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berkshire.

Quote -- 'My wife. Put me in touch with Aiwass.  The Temple of Solomon the King.  Failed as elsewhere is on record.'
1st wife 'Rose' Edith Kelly
Rose, Lola Zaza, and Aleister
Leah, Poupee (infant), and Aleister in
Italy. The two boys are Dionysus, Leah's
son, and Hermes, the son of Aleister and
Ninette Franus, his 2nd Concubine.
Jane Wolf and Leah
outside the Abbey,
circa 1921
Mary d'Este Sturges nee Dempsey "Desti" (October 10,
 A voluptuous, big-boned woman with curly black
hair and attractive Irish-Italian features.  She was born in
Quebec and raised in Chicago.  She became owner of Desti
Beauty Products, a cosmetics firm.  She also owned a New
York City studio which sold art objects, perfumes, and
clothing.  Authoress of
The Life of Isadora Duncan.  She
moved to Paris and adopted the habit of wearing only sandals
and a Greek tunic.  She was a passionate, worldly woman,
and here personality and magnetism attracted Crowley
straight off. She felt the same profound emotion toward him.
He spent the evening sitting cross-legged on the floor,
"exchanging electricity with her."  Mary was married four times
before meeting Crowley.  

Desti was Crowley's lover from October 1911 through the
winter of 1912.  
Roddie Minor, born April 9, 1884 in Gwinnet Co., Georgia and died 1979 in Greenbackville,
Accomack, Virginia.

Crowley's lover from October 1917 through summer 1918, he called her 'The Camel' and wrote
"Brought me in touch with Amalantrah. Failed from indifference to the Work."

From Crowley's
Confessions (abridged ed. 1969): Her name was Roddie Minor, a married
woman living apart from her husband, a near artist of German extraction. She was physically a
magnificent animal, with a man’s brain well stocked with general knowledge and a special
comprehension of chemistry and pharmacy. She was at this time employed in the pathological
laboratory of a famous doctor, but afterwards became managing chemist to a prominent firm of
perfumery manufactures. I have said that she had a man’s brain, but despite every effort,
there was still one dark corner in which her femininity had taken refuge and defied her to expel
it. From time to time the garrison made a desperate sortie. At such moments her womanhood
avenged itself savagely on her ambition. She was more frantically feminine than any avowed
woman could possibly be. She was ruthlessly irrational. Such attacks were fortunately as short
as they were severe, but unfortunately too often did irreparable damage." Coming from
Crowley, a description of a woman as having a "man's brain" is as profound a compliment as is
possible. Later he describes her again as a doctor of pharmacy, employed in pathological
analysis, and later in manufacturing perfumery."  
Marie Roehling nee Lavroff  —  Born 1891 in Odessa. A Russian immigrant who became
a US citizen by marrying Herman Roehling in April 17, 1913.  Crowley became involved with
Marie during the composition of Liver aleph vel CXI.

Quote: ' A Doubtful case. Helped to inspire Liber CXI. Failed from indecision.'
Bertha Almira Prykryl nee Bruce  — 'A Doubtful case. Delayed assumption of duties, hence made way for No. 7.'  (Leah Hirsig)
Leila Ida Nerissa Bathurst Waddell, also known as Laylah, (August 10, 1880 – September 13, 1932) was a daughter of Irish
immigrants to Australia, a famed Scarlet Woman of Aleister Crowley, and a powerful historical figure in magick and Thelema in her own

Leila was born in Bathurst, New South Wales. She was familiarly addressed by Aleister as "Laylah," and was immortalized in
The Book
of Lies
and The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. Waddell herself was an accomplished writer, magician, and musician, and a founding
member of the original company of the Rites of Eleusis.

In 1912 Leilia, and fellow Crowley students Mary Desti and Mary Butts, were given co-authorship credit on Aleister's
Magick (Book 4) as
they wrote down his words, helped shape them by asking defining questions, and elicited Aleister's commentary on pertinent points.

She was Crowley's lover from March 1910 till October 1911.  His relationship with Laylah was important in that she appeared to have a
measure of independence many of the others did not have.  She resisted Crowley's wishes for her to commit more deeply to magick.  
She was initiated info Crowley's A.*.A.*.  Though Crowley was not monogamous with her, she seems to have been the one who
fascinated him the most.   Laylah was, arguably, Aleister's most powerful muse, as she inspired numerous poems in addition to
numerous chapters in
The Book of Lies.

Crowley based two of his short stories, The Vixen and The Violinist,  on Leila.

In 1923 Leila returned to Sydney to nurse her ailing father.  She performed with the Conservatorium Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic
Society of Sydney and the theatre, and she resumed teaching at the convent School of the Sacred Heart in Sydney's Elizabeth Bay.

Leila died Tuesday September 13,1932  from uterine cancer at the young age of 52..
In 1916 she began to publish narrative verse about the Adirondacks. From this period she travelled in Europe, met important figures of
modernism, and co-operated with the collector John Quinn in building up his contemporary art collection. After Quinn's death in 1924 Jeanne
helped prepare the collection of his letters that became the John Quinn Memorial Collection at the New York Public Library. The collection
includes an extensive correspondence with Joseph Conrad.

In 1932 she moved to Schenectady, where she worked as a social worker.

Jeanne's friends included many of the period's leading authors and artists. She was particularly close to Ford Madox Ford, Ezra Pound, and
William Butler Yeats. She also had a relationship with the English author and occultist Aleister Crowley.

She is buried near her friend John Butler Yeats, the painter and father of William Butler Yeats, in the Chestertown Rural Cemetery in the
Adirondacks. Her own papers can be found in the Jeanne R. Foster-William M. Murphy Collection at the New York Public Library and at
Harvard University's Houghton Library, which holds her correspondence with poet and author Ezra Pound.
Photo of Leila, (Laylah)
from Aleister's
"The Book of Lies."
Waddell performing
during the
Rites of
Eleusis c.1910
Aleister Ataturk,  5-2-1937 --- 11-20-2002
Ninette F. Shumway (aka Isabella Fraux).  (born in Decazeville France June 9,1894 - 1989 France) At 17,
Ninette left the port in Le Havre France and arrived in New York on July 2, 1911 aboard the "La Trouraine",
she was traveling under the name Augustine Fraux..

August 14, 1915, she married Howard Crosby Shumway in Cook co., Illinois.  Ninette and Howard had one
child,  a son named Howard (b. 07/17/1916 Boston, MA.). Howard died that same year.  On her passport
application 02/28/1919 she stated that she was widowed,  a governess and she that resided at 81 Sudbury
Road MA.  She was returning to France to make it her home.   
Pg 1     pg2

Ninette was Crowley's second concubine at the Abbey of Thelema. Both Leah Hirsig and Ninette (her magical
name was Sister Cypris after Aphrodite), were carrying Crowley's unborn children at the same time.  Leah
Hirsig had a two-year old son named Hansi and Ninette had a three-year old boy named Howard; they were
not Crowley's but he nicknamed them Dionysus and Hermes respectively. After Leah's Poupée died, Leah
had a miscarriage but Ninette gave birth to a daughter (11/12/20), Astarte Lulu Panthea.
Patricia Deirdre MacAlphine 1995
Deirdre Patricia MacAlphine 1995
Marguerit Frieda, Lady Harris, nee Bloxham, (1877 – May 11, 1962) was commissioned by Aleister
Crowley to paint the Thoth Tarot. Although involved in the women's branch of Freemasonry – Co-
Freemasonry – her interest in the occult was not deep. Aleister had to initiate her into his Orders to
expand her knowledge and commence the spiritual training necessary to design a deck of such power.
By his own admission, the deck was intended to be traditional, but she encouraged him to commit his
occult, magical, spiritual and scientific knowledge to the project. Apart from his mother, Frieda Harris
was probably the strongest, longest lasting and most platonic relationship in his life. The extant letters
from Frieda Harris to Aleister show her fondness and compassion for him, despite his regular begging
for more money. Along with Louis Wilkinson, Frieda seems to be one of the few genuine friends in
Aleister's life.

There were three significant events in 1937 - she met Aleister Crowley; he initiated her into his own
Order, and she studied the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Aleister was on the lookout for a talented artist
for the three month Tarot project. His headhunter was Clifford Bax, playwright, author, and co-editor of
an art & literature magazine entitled The Golden Hind between 1922-24, founded by Austin Osman
Spare. On June 9th, 1937 Bax had intended to introduce the artists Meum Stewart and Leslie Blanche
to Aleister, but they do not seem to have turned up, so he invited Frieda instead. Bax may have known
Harris through Masonic links. Clifford Bax was also instrumental in introducing John Symonds to Aleister.
Symonds takes up the Frieda Harris story:
"Aleister helped her through the portals of the mystical Order of the A.'. A.'. (Argenteum Astrum]])
She took the name of Tzaba “Hosts”, which adds up to 93; this is also the number of the thelema
current which she was trying to tap." John Symonds, The Great Beast.

Frieda Harris was no stranger to ritual through her membership of Co-Masonry, but her knowledge
was lacking. As well as reading books by Alesiter, her studies of Anthroposophy were to be a
critical aspect in the creation of the Tarot. It is quite possible that her studies of Steiner were
suggested by Aleister himself.  Aleister is on the record as saying that his mission was to continue
the work of Blavatsky and Theosophy. Another avenue may have been Greta Valentine who
introduced Frieda to Aleister. Greta Valentine was a London socialite whom Aleister loved, but
probably never conquered.

"When they met in 1936 she was studying anthroposophy, the mystical teachings of Rudolf
Steiner, whose school she attended. Her own interests stopped short of traditional occultism."
Rose and Aleister
Susan Strong.   During March 1899 Crowley met, at one of the semi-public
performances of MacGregor Mathers' Rites of Isis, an American soprano by the
name of Susan Strong (August 3, 1870 - March 11, 1946). Susan was the
daughter of Dennis Strong, an American Congressman and mayor of Brooklyn.
She had gone to the UK at the age of 21 and had enrolled in the Royal College of
Music, London under the tutelage of the famous Hungarian musician Francis
Korbay. Crowley met up with her again in London when she sang the part of
Venus in Tannhäuser on June 22, 1899. A torrid romance followed during which
Susan swore to divorce her American husband and devote herself to Crowley.
However on her return to the US, around October 1899, she apparently cooled in
ardour. Crowley followed her to New York in June of the following year, but by then
she was already on her way back to the UK to appear in performances of the
Royal Opera House, Convent Garden. During 1900, while in Mexico City, Crowley
experienced an epiphany, during which he transcribed his play, titled Tannhauser.
He attributed the inspiration of this play to his romance with Susan Strong.
Susan Strong  ca 1896
The Times, August 19, 1929
Crowley : Ferrari --
on Aug. 16, 1929, at Leipzig, in the presence of H.B.M. Consul, Edward
Alexander (Aleister) Crowley and Maria Teresa Ferrari de Miramar.  

Mr. Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley, the English mystic writer, had been married at Leipzig
to Mlle. Maria Teresa Ferrari de Miramar, who is a native of Nicaragua.

The marriage ceremony, according to an announcement, was performed in the presdence of
the British Consul.

Mr. Aleister Crowley was recently refused the right to stay in France.

He stated that his fiancee had also been forced to leave France.  Mr. Growley was born at
Leamington, 53 years ago, and was educated at Malvern and Trinity College, Cambridge.  He
had been through China on foot, has been received by the sacred lamas at Tibet, and has
reached other remote places such as the Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico.  He came into
prominence in London in 1911 when his picture was painted by Augustus John.

During the was he went to America and participated in German counter-espionage, declaring
that he did this at the request of the British Naval Intelligence Department.
The new year of 1927 began with Crowley recording in his diary that he had nine mistresses over the previous year. He even lists them: K.
Margaret Binetti, Kitty von Hansmester, Jane Cheron and six others. Over the next few years Crowley traveled between Germany and Tunis
quite often but spent most of his time in Paris. It was an extremely quiet period in Crowley's life. He had long sought a Scarlet Woman to
inspire his creativity but few qualified for the role.
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Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult  Sent in by Jay Cornell, Thank you!!!
Obituary: Accomac Eastern Shore News, Jan 25, 1979
Mrs. R. Warwick
Mrs. Roddie Minor Warwick, 93, widow of the late Robert Lee Warwick and a resident of Greenbackville, died at Bi-County Nursing Home,
January 17, 1979 after a long illness. Born in Georgia, her late parents were William Jackson Minor and Eliza Haughthorn [sic] Minor. She
was a graduate of Columbia University, New York, and a Cosmetic Technician. The Funeral was held at the graveside in Union
Greenbackville Cemetery, Saturday, January 20, at 11:00 a.m., conducted by the Rev. Herbert Seemann. Two nephews survive.
Arrangements were made by Watson and Melson Funeral Home, Pocomike, Md.
Jeanne Robert Foster   nee Oliver ( March 10, 1879 – September 22, 1970)
was an American poet from the Adirondack Mountains. She was born Julia
Elizabeth Oliver in Johnsburg, New York.

In 1896 she married Matlock Foster, and lived in Rochester, New York. She
studied drama at the Stanhope-Wheatcroft Dramatic School, and worked in
magazine journalism. She became a leading fashion model. The couple then
moved to Boston; she continued to work as a journalist there and in New York,
becoming literary editor of the American Review of Reviews.

On June 10,1915, Crowley met Jeanne in the company of her friend Hellen
Westley;  Jeanne was thirty-six when they met. Crowley would have affairs with
both women, dubbing them with the theriomorphic names of The Cat and The
Snake, drawn from the Egyptian gods Pasht and Apophis.
Before Crowley's divorce from his first wife Rose, Crowley entered into a romantic and sexual affair with Ada.
"Too marry at hastings would be to repent at St. Leonard's," she often joked, and Crowley had to agree with
another of Oscar Wildes' characterizations: she was the wittiest person he had ever met.  Reviewing her
works, Crowley called her "easily the daintiest and wittiest of our younger feminine writers."
This affair was brief and neither left much record of the affair; it appears to have been a brief and
convenient tryst for them both.  In February 1908, Crowley was reunited with his wife as she had recovered
from her alcoholism, however the recovery was temporary as Rose experienced a relapse.

In her later years, Ada spent time abroad, particularly in Italy, where she passed the time in the company of
the Sitwells. By this time, she had grown distressingly deaf.  In 1935 while returning to London from
Florence, she was struck down by illness. She died in 1936 at the age of 71.
Ada Ester Leverson, 1859-1936, was an English novelist who belonged to London's world of wealth and fashion.
Her six novels were published between 1907 and 1916; they belong to Edwardian era.

She married early, becoming Mrs. Ernest Leverson. She had a son who died when a small boy. Her one daughter,
Violet, married Guy Windham and has written a biography of her mother, "The Sphinx and Her Circle".

She was a friend of the artists and writers of her time from Oscar Wilde to the Sitwells. It was Wilde who gave her the
nickname "Sphinx". This is the title of one of Oscar Wilde's poems, "The Sphinx", that Ada parodied. From then on
Oscar always called her "Sphinx", and the name stuck.
Back to Aleister Crowley
Elaine Mary Simpson. Born in 1875 in Kussowlie, West Bengal.  She was one of Crowley's first significant lovers, he found her charming.
She was a Golden Dawn initiate (Semper Fidelis, meaning 'Always faithful')  She joined Jan 18, 1897 and on March 18, 1899 took 5 = 6.  

Crowley met Elaine in 1899.  On April 17, 1899, Crowley and Elaine traveled to London to break into the Golden Dawn Temple.  At the
direction of Mathers, they were to attempt to remove the contents and bring them to Mathers in Paris.  In this attempt, Crowley dressed in full
Scottish highland attire complete with plaid kilt, sash with a gilded cross, and a hefty dagger at his side, in addition to this, he wore a black
mask, though all of the Adepti at the London temple would know his identity on sight. The attempt failed and Mathers was expelled from the
Golden Dawn.  

By 1900 Crowley and Elaine parted but he met up with her again briefly in 1906 in Shanghai, where they undertook some magickal work and
a brief study of
The Book of the Law.

Elaine later married Herr Wölker who was in service of the Kaiser.  She inherited some of her grandfather's 'wonderful adaptability to new
environments',  which made her popular in Germain society.

Elaine was the granddaughter of Sir John Hall (1824-1907), he was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1879 to 1882.

Her parents were the Rev. William Simpson and Alice Hall.  They married in 1873 and lived for some years at Patna, Roorki, and several
other places in India. Her mother Alice was born in Mahableshwar (India) and like Elaine, was also a member of the Golden Dawn and a
member of the Royal Asiatic Society.  After becoming a widow Alice travelled in America, Canada, and the Far East.    Crowley had nothing
nice to say about her, whom he described as 'a horrible mother, a sixth-rate singer, a first-rate snob, with dewlaps and a paunch; a
match-maker, mischief-maker, maudlin and muddle-headed.'  The hard feelings stem from a rumor spread by her that Crowley had visited her
daughter's bedroom at night in astral form.

Elaine was the eldest two daughters, her younger sister, Beatrice, moved to New York and established herself as an actress and poet under
the stage name Beatrice Irwin.  
'Quarda'   SW     "Rose"
'Soror Agatha'
'Soror Virakam'   SW
Desti was Crowley's second Scarlet Woman.  She assisted Crowley in establishing the magical link with the
praeterhuman minds that inspired him with one of his greatest works,
Magick, Liber ABA,book 4. Most
consider this as his magnum opus.  Her ability as a seer was great; a record of her oracular talent can be
found in
The Ab-ul-Diz Working.  Her work also appears in Crowley's book, The Vision and the Voice.  She
replaced Leila and was present with Crowley when they undertook the "Abuldiz Working," invoking a spirit
guide by that name.

Desti passed away in 1931 at her residence of leukemia after being seriously ill for two months.

Quote — 'A doubtful case. Put me in touch with Abuldiz; hence helped with
Book 4. Failed from personal
'the Snake'
Helen Westley,   (1879 - 1942)  A brief lover, she was introduced to Crowley on the evening of
June 10, 1915 along with Jeanne Foster,by James Keating, journalist for the German publication

Helen reminded Crowley 'of a snake that glittered with the loveliness of lust; but she was worn and
weary with the disappointment of insatiable desire.  Her intellect was brilliant but cynical.  She had
lost faith in the universe.'

Helen was a native of Brooklyn and studied at the Sargent Dramatic School and debuted in 1897
at the Star Theater.  She acted in vaudeville and stock roles until 1915.  She helped found the
first company of the Washington Square Players.  Helen left her mark on Hollywood as a 'fine
character actress who played eagle-eyed grandmas.'  

Helen and friend Jeanne Foster became rivals for Crowley's affection.  Crowley became lover to
Helen briefly after Jeanne left him.    
Soror Hilarion 'the Cat'   SW
'the Owl'
Gerda Maria von Kothek.  Born Gerda Schumann  07/26/1896 in Dresden, Deutschland (Germany).  She immigrated in 1908 and was
Crowley's lover from April 12, 1916 through Sept 1916.  He called her 'a bright young Angel of Revolution".  She was a German prostitute
and Crowley practised sex magick with her.  She was around nineteen when she meet Crowley.

Gerda married German immigrant Dr. Karl Heinrich Rudolf Gebauer  on May 23, 1917 and the pair took up residence in Passaic, New
Jersey.  He was a chemist employed at a nearby plant.  He shared his wife's radical sympathies, but he had other interesting connections.  
First he had ties to the main German radical organ in Manhattan, the
New Yorker Volkszeitung, which was run by veteran socialist Ludwig
Lore.  Chandestine threads tied Lore's anti-war publication to the
Propaganda Kabinett and the German Consulate.

Gerda died Dec 4, 1967 in Jena, Thüringen, Deutschland (Germany)

Dr. Gebauer was born 05/08/1885 in Germany and immigrated to the US in 1913.  He died Dec 17, 1969 in Jena, Thüringen, Deutschland
'the Monkey'
Alice Ethel Coomaraswamy, nee Richardson. aka Ratan Devi.   She was the English wife
of the famed Indian art historian Ananda Coomaraswamy.  She meet  him
ca. 1910, most likely
at a recital of folk songs given by pupils of the collector of folk songs and cultural revivalist
Cecil Sharp.  Alice accompanied Coomaraswamy on a trip to India in 1911 and became his
second wife.  They lived on a houseboat in Srinagar, Kashmir, whilst she studied Indian music
with Abdul Rahim of Kapurthala, and Coomaraswamy researched Rajput paintings of northern

Once back in London, Alice became noted for her recitals of Indian music which were often
introduced by an explanatory lecture given by her husband.  The performed widely in the UK
under the name Ratan Devi and in Indian dress.

It is not known how Coomaraswamy and Crowley met, but they had a substantial relationship
while Crowley was living in New York in 1916.
'the Dog'  SW
Anna Katherine Miller.   In August 1917, met Anna, whom he named The Dog, based on her physical and magical correspondence to
Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god of the dead.  During World War One, Crowley, forty-two years of age, was living in New York City
with Anna. Through her he met Roddie Minor.  At the time, Crowley practiced sex magick with both women.  Anna eventually left and
Crowley deepened his involvement with Roddie.

In his diaries Crowley twice called her Cyptis (Aphrodite) and he wrote, "She was a Pennsylvania Dutch girl, the only member of her family
not actually insane."
Soror Ahitha 'the Camel'     SW
Soror Alostrael  'Ape of Thoth'    SW
'Soro Astrid'     SW
Babalon—also known as The Scarlet Woman, The Great Mother, or the Mother of Abominations — is a
goddess found in the mystical system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 by Crowley's writing of
Book of the Law
. In her most abstract form, she represents the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman;
although she can also be identified with Mother Earth in her most fertile sense. At the same time, Crowley
believed that Babalon had an earthly aspect in the form of a spiritual office, which could be filled by actual
women — usually as a counterpart to his own identification as "To Mega Thereon" (The Great Beast) — whose
duty was then to help manifest the energies of the current Aeon of Horus.

Her consort is Chaos, the "Father of Life" and the male form of the Creative Principle. Babalon is often
described as being girt with a sword and riding the Beast. She is often referred to as a sacred whore, and her
primary symbol is the Chalice or Grail.
Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law -- Sample
In 1934, Crowley was declared bankrupt after losing a court case in which he
sued the artist Nina Hamnett for calling him a black magician in her 1932
book, Laughing Torso.

Deirdre Patricia MacAlpine approached Crowley on the day of the verdict and
offered to bear him a child.

On March 26, 1937, Aleister wrote a poem simply titled '
To Deidre in labour.'
Just two months later their son was born, whom he named Aleister Ataturk.

She sought no mystical or religious role in Crowley's life and rarely saw him
after the birth, "an arrangement that suited them both."
in the summer of 1947, Pat came to Netherwood with her four children, including Aleister Ataturk, spent most of the final months with Crowley,
and was there beside him during his last days.  According to MacAlphine, the 'Beast' remained in good spirits, enjoying the comings and
goings of Aleister Ataturk and the other children, who adored him in turn.
Crowley did, however, remain in bed.  The day before he died, he talked calmly and at length with MacAlpine.  The following day was a still
one, but at the moment of Crowley's death, which came quietly, the curtains of his room were caught by a gust of wind, and a peal of thunder
was hear. "It was the gods greeting him," said MacAlpine.

Crowley's son Ataturk was born May 2, 1937.  According to a biography written by Martin Booth, Ataturk's formal education started in 1948 at
Wester Eichies, the Gordonstoun Preparatory School, before traveling to the US sometimes later.   He later changed his name to Randall Gair
and died in a car accident in Chalfont St Peter, UK,  November 20, 2002.

One source says that he came of age in California, but another claims Paris.  There is supposed to be a photograph of him in O.T.O.   robes,
taken around 1976.

His Death Certificate says:  Charles Edward d'Arquires (formerly known as Randall Gair Doherty fromerly known as Aleister Attaturk formerly
known as Aleister MacAlphine), b. 2 May 1937, Newcastle-on-Tyne, died on 20 November 2002 in Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks.

His birth certificate gives his name as Randal Giair Doherty, with that odd  spelling.
In a letter to E.N. Fitzgerald, Crowley wrote: "A miracle has just happened. The girl
Pat and Aleister Ataturk, who I had long since given up for dead, are in London.  
She phoned me last night.  I am delirious with joy:  they come here Thursday."  Pat
and Ataturk, who just turned ten on May 2, 1947, came out from Cornwall to visit
Crowley for three days in the middle of May.  The visit pleased Crowley, who, old
and lonely, missed his family.  He was so happy to see them that on May 22
Crowley instructed members of OTO to ensure Ataturk's care and education after
his father died.  He also seized the opportunity to write his son a fatherly letter
while he still had the chance.  His advice provides great insight into Crowley's
mind, and is quoted in full:
                                                            Do  what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

My dear son,
This is the first letter that your father has ever written to you, so you can imagine that it will be very important, and you should keep it and
lay it by your heart.
First of all, let me tell you how intensely happy your reappearance has made me.  I feel that I must devote a great deal of my time to
watching over your career.  I was very pleased to hear that you had decided to learn to read, and that, of course, means learning to write.  
A word of warning about this.  In these last years, children have been taught to write script, as they call it, which is a very bad thing.  You
must write in such a way that it impresses your personality on the reader.
On top of that, I wanted to tell you something about yourself.  One of your Ancestors was Duke of a place called La Querouaille in Brittany,
and came over to England with the Duke of Richmond, who was the original heir to the English throne, to help him turn out the usurper,
known to history as Richard III.  Since then, our family has made its mark on the world on several occasions, though never anything very
brilliant.   Now, I want you to take this very seriously.  I want you to be very proud of yourself for belonging to such a family.  Owing to the
French Revolution and various other catastrophes, the Dukedom is no longer in existence legally, but morally it is so, and I want you to
learn to behave as a Duke would behave.  You must be high-minded, generous, noble, and, above all, without fear.  For that last reason,
you must never tell a lie, for to do so shows that you are afraid of the person to whom you tell it, and I want you to be afraid of nobody.  I
think that is all about now.
Now with regard to your education.  I want particularly to insist on learning Latin, and I will give you my reasons.  Firstly, anyone who knows
Latin gains a greater command of and understanding of the English language than he would otherwise possess.  He will be able to reason
out for himself the meanings of words with which he is unfamiliar.  Secondly, if you are well-grounded in Latin, you are halfway to a
knowledge of French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, for all these languages, as well as English, are derived from Latin.  Thirdly, the most
important of all, much of the unconscious part of your mind has been formed by the writing of Latin and Greek authors.  This implies that
you should also learn a certain amount of Greek.  One of the wisest men of olden time gave this instruction to his pupils: "Know thyself,"
and learning Latin helps you to do this for the reason I have already explained above.  I regard this as very important indeed.  There are a
great many people going about today who tell you that Latin is no use to you in the ordinary affairs of life, and that is quite true if you are
going to be some commonplace person like a tradesman or a bank clerk.  But you are a gentleman, and if you want to be an educated
gentleman, you must know Latin.
There is another matter that I want to put before you.  It will be a very good plan if you learn to play chess.  For one thing, it is a very good
training for the mind, and, for another, it is the only game, of all the games worth playing, which lasts you throughout your life.  You can get
as much pleasure out of it when you are 60 as when you are 20.
I think that is all I have to say to you today, and I shall expect you to manage somehow to write me an answer.  you see, much of the time
we shall not be able to communicate face to face, and there will be a good many questions that you will want to ask me, which you cannot
do unless you write good English.
That reminds me.  There is one more point that I want to impress to you.  The best models of English writings are Shakespeare and the Old
Testament, especially the Book of Job, the Psalms and Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.  it will be a very good thing for you to
commit as much as you can both of these books and of the best plays of Shakespeare to memory, so that they form the foundation of your
style.  In writing English, the most important quality that you can acquire is style.  That makes all the difference to anyone who reads what
you write, whether you use the best phrases in the best way.  You will have to devote some time to grammar and syntax, and also to logic.  
Logic is the science and the art of using words, and it teaches you to think correctly without making blunders in reasoning, which nowadays
everyone is liable to do just because they have not got the training which I am proposing to give you.
Now, my dear son, I will close this long letter in the eager hope you will follow my advice in all respects.

                       Love is the law, love under will.
                                                               Your affectionate father.
Coomaraswamy asked Crowley to help promote his wife's performances in 1916.  Crowley wrote reviews of her in Vanity Fair and offered
letters of introduction for her.  She and Crowley quickly became lovers and magical partners, engaging in sexual magic by April 15, 1916.  
Alice became pregnant.

Crowley says that Coomaraswamy was quite aware of their affair and had even encouraged it, wanting Crowley to take on her living
expenses while in New York.  Crowley, in exchange, introduced Ananda to Gerda Maria von Kothek, a prostitute and previous lover of
Crowley's.  Coomaraswamy and von Kothek were soon living together.

When Alice's career began to take off, Coomaraswamy wanted her back.  Alice loved Crowley, but, for whatever reason, decided to return
to England with Coomaraswamy.  She had a miscarriage as a result of sea sickness on the voyage.  Crowley blamed Coomaraswamy for
the death of his child and hated him for it.

Alice had two children (a boy, Narada, and a girl, Rohini) by Coomaraswamy before their divorce.
Soror Olun 'the Dragon'
In early October Crowley set out for a tour of the West Coast, followed by Jeanne, who had 'decided to
spice the romance and adventure by taking her husband in tow.' They took a side trip to Vancouver,
where Crowley visited Charles Stansfeld Jones, a member of the A.*.A.*. and the Ordo Templi Orientis.  
They parted in California; on Crowley's return to New York he learned that she had dropped him.  He
felt the loss acutely.  He had been certain she had conceived his child, later writing that 'I did not know
that I was attempting a physical impossibility.'

Crowley regained his emotional equilibrium, dismissing the affair as an illusion, and Jeanne Foster as
deceitful.  Five years later he wrote: "I have not been in love since 1915...  Did she really 'break my

Quote: 'Failed from respectability.'
Semper Fidelis    "Always faithful"
Kassimira Bass  Brief Polish lover from 1927-1928.  Kassimira was with with Aleister in Paris when Israel Regardie arrived from America.  
Crowley and Kasimira met Regardie at the train station in Paris and took him by taxi back to their hotel.  After a nice supper, while the three
were sipping coffee and cognac, Crowley simply got up from the table and pounced on Kasimira, knocking her to the floor.  Regardie
apparently was very shocked, got up and quietly staggered into the next room.  Regardie later wrote that Crowley and Kasimira "fell down
on the floor and started fucking like a pair of animals right there in front of me."

By the end of the year, Kasimira was history and Crowley was in the market for a new Scarlet Woman.
Hanni Larissa Jaeger    SW,  a 19-year old Germain Artist.  Crowley meet her and she became his lover within a year of marrying Maria
Teresa Ferrari. Soon Hanni became pregnant. The affair was short lived as Hanni left Crowley.
Bertha 'Billy'  Busch   SW.   Shortly after Hanni Jaeger, Crowley meet his next scarlet
woman, Billy Busch.  The two moved into a flat with money that was usually paid for by Carl
Gerner and his wife.  But the Gerners wrote to Crowley "The $15,000 I have given you, were
spent not in real constructive work but in expensive cigars, cognac, cocktails, taxis, dinners,
wives and sweethearts and anything that you desired at the moment, I am not trying to insult
you but I think that you have a Me and God complex."  Crowley later wrote, 'Best fuck within
recorded memory of living man.'
Soror Tzaba
Greta was an artist friend of Frieda, and it was at her house in Hyde Park Crescent, London, that Frieda and Aleister worked on the Book of

Frieda lived the construction and design of the deck to the point that events in her life mirrored the cards she was working on. For example,
when she was working on the Eight and Nine of Swords, she experienced all sorts of accidents and delays.

Frieda was sending Aleister a regular stipend throughout the project. She was also using her society contacts to find financial backers for the
exhibition of the paintings, the catalogues, and for the publication of the Tarot. The mental, emotional and spiritual pressures took its toll on
Frieda, who became somewhat erratic. Aleister was sufficiently concerned to call in the lawyers to protect his 66% investment in the project.
Despite the legal hitches, Aleister gives Frieda fulsome praise in the Introduction to The Book of Thoth - this from a man who spent much of
his life creating enemies:

"She devoted her genius to the Work. With incredible rapidity she picked up the rhythm, and with inexhaustible patience submitted to the
correction of the fanatical slave-driver that she had invoked, often painting the same card as many as eight times until it measured up to has
Vanadium Steel yardstick!"

Throughout the project she insisted on her own anonymity, but she revelled in working for such a notorious man. Although the Book of Thoth
was published in a 200 limited edition, neither Aleister nor Frieda lived to see the deck printed.

Frieda Harris
"[The angel] carried my spirit away to the desert. I saw the scarlet woman sitting on the beast with seven heads and ten horns, covered with
blasphemous names. The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, with a golden cup in
her hand filled with the abominations and the unclean things of her fornication. On her forehead a name had been written, 'A Mystery: Babalon
the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth.' I saw the woman was drunk from the blood of the saints, and from the
blood of the martyrs of Jesus. Seeing her, I wondered greatly."

Revelation 17:3-6
Soror Estai
"The Red Flame"  
Jane at the Abbey
Sarah Jane Wolfe (1875-1958)  Born in St. Petersburg, PA on March 21, 1875.  As a young girl she
went to New York City to pursue a career in the theatre but became involved in acting in the fledgling
motion picture industry. She made her film debut in 1910 at the age of 35.  1911 she was part of the
Kalem Company's crew in New York city who relocated to the company's new production facilities in
Los Angeles, CA.  She went on to become one of the leading character actors of the decade,
appearing in more than one hundred films. .  She had a nervous breakdown during the production of
the silent film "
The Client".

In 1918 she began corresponding with Aleister Crowley.   Two years later she gave up her career in
Hollywood to join the Abbey of Thelema.   Jane was admitted as a A.'. A.'. Probationer on June 11,
1921, during her residence at the Abbey.  At her admittance, she took the aspiration name Estai.  
Jane was at the Abbey from 1920 until it closed in 1923.  She kept a magickal diary while there, which
was later published by the College of Thelema of Northern California as "
The Cefalu Diaries."

Jane is considered an important female figure in magick as, in addition to her friendship and work with
Crowley, she took part in the founding of the Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. in southern California as well
as being its lodge master.  The "Soro Estai lineage of the A.'. A.'. derives from her.

Jane had a small role in 1937 in a B-Western named "
Under Strange Flags", after not appearing on
screen for 17 years.

Jane used the Quija board, and credited some of her greatest spiritual communcations to the use of it.

Jane's student was Phyllis Seckler, Soro Meral. (June 18, 1917 - May 31, 2004) A lifelong educator, as
well as an accomplished painter, poet and gardener, her life was dedicated to spiritual regeneration,
and to preserving and teaching these traditions to her own students, thus carrying on the 'Soro Estai'

Jane Wolfe died in Glendale, CA. on March 29, 1958, eight days after her 83rd birthday.
Later years
Click for Jane Wolfe's lineage:
Pearl Brooksmith   SW,  August 1933. Nothing else known.
Deirdre Patricia MacAlpine  nee Doherty
Aleister's 1st wife, Edith Kelly (Rose).  Born in England,  July 23, 1874 to Frederick Festus Kelly and
Blanche Bradford Kelly. She was the first of three children, sister Eleanor Constance Mary Kelly and brother
Gerald Festus Kelly.  In 1880, the family moved to Camberwell Vicarage, where her father served as curate for
the Parish of St. Giles for the next 35 years.

Rose escorted her brother Gerald to Cape Town, South Africa in 1895, where he convalesced from a liver
ailment.  Rose married on August 31, 1897 to Major Frederick Thomas Skerrett, R.A.M.C.  at  Camberwell
(consistently described as an 'older man').  Two years later she was widowed.   She joined her brother Gerald
in Paris in 1901 and stayed for six months.

Crowley went to Edinburgh on July 13, 1903 to replenish his extensive stock of expensive wines, to engage the
services of a companion-housekeeper, and to pass the time of day with Gerald, who was to spend the summer
at Strathpeffer in the Scottish highlands.  In August, Gerald wrote to Crowley inviting him to join his party at
Strathpeffer.  This is where Crowley met Gerald's sister, Rose.  Rose was engaged to a friend of Gerald's by
the name of Howell.  She was not in love with him, but was being put under pressure by the family to re-marry.  
Jeanne was one of Crowley's great loves.  Crowley wrote that "I saw my
ideal incarnate ... I really loved her with a love more exalted than aught
in all my experience."  She kept him waiting a month before
consummating the liaison, probably something of a record for Crowley,
who wrote in his
Confessions;  "I endured the torture of absence, of
doubt, of despair, with all the might of my manhood."  

It was indeed a serious relationship; they wrote love poetry to one
another, and she considered divorcing her husband to marry Crowley.
Crowley's plan was to have a his first male offspring with Jeanne.  
Jeanne assumed the office of Scarlet Woman in his magical workings,
choosing Hilarion as her mystic name.  In late September Crowley tried
to beget a child by her and -- as evidenced in the final poems of
Golden Rose
(the unpublished sonnet cycle chronicling their affair) --
he believed he had succeeded, but, she did not get pregnant.       
Crowley's lover from January 1919 through August 1924.  He called her 'The Ape of Thoth.'   She presided over Crowley's 'Ipsissimus' grade
and was his Scarlet Woman during the Abbey of Thelema years (1920-1923) Leah was the best known of the 'Scarlet Women'.  Together,
she and Aleister would indulge in drinking sessions, drugs and sexual magic.  With Leah's help, Crowley began painting canvases with more
creativity and passion.

In February 1920 Aleister and Leah had a daughter, Anne Leah Crowley (nicknamed Poupee).   They moved shortly after to Cefalu
(Palermo), Italy and helped Aleister found the Abbey of Thelema on April 14, 1920.  Aleister and Leah signed the lease as Sir Alastor de
Kerval and Contessa Lea Harcourt. Poupee died nine months later in a hospital in Palermo on October 14, 1920.   Hirsig was known as Soror
Alostrael, Crowley's Scarlet Woman, the name Crowley used for his female sex magick practitioners in reference to the consort of the Beast of
the Apocalypse whose number is 666.

By June 1924, while Hirsig—the Scarlet Woman—stayed loyal to Crowley during money troubles and painful surgeries for his asthma
symptoms, the two of them found their relationship was suffering. She wrote in her diary that his "rasping voice so jarred me that I wanted to
scream." After a few months Crowley broke it off, presenting her with a new "Scarlet Woman" by the name of Dorothy Olsen.

But this did not lead Hirsig to abandon her commitment to Thelema. Her diary from this period reveals her continuing devotion to the Great
Work, her renewal of her magical oaths, her ongoing invocations of Ra Hoor Khuit, and her consecration of herself as the bride of Chaos.  
From her diary one sees how devoted she was. "I should have liked, as a human creature, to have died in the arms of the Beast 666 who, it
will be noted in my first diary (commencing March 21, 1919), was and is my lover, my mate, my Father, my child, and everything else that
Woman needs in Man.  But I have never interfered with his Work, which was my Work, the Great Work, except in ignorance."
In 1925, when Crowley asked her to serve again for a period as his scribe and secretary, she readily accepted; she was ready to give her
assistance when it was necessary to the furtherance of his magical work and to the promulgation of the Law of Thelema.

Leah moved to Paris, France and lived as a prostitute on and off for some years. Ultimately she returned to America, settled back down to a
more normal life with a new husband  with whom she bore a son, and returned to teaching.

Leah died at 6:15 am February 22, 1975.
Dorothy Olsen.  (Sister Astrid)   (09/06/1892 -- 05/08/1981) Born in Chicago (passport application  
pg1  pg2).  Crowley's lover from August 1924 though October 1926)  Dorothy soon replaced Leah Hirsig
as the 'Scarlet Woman'.  She had even bore Crowley an infant daughter that died.  

Throughout September of 1924 Leah Hersig and Crowley were slowly drifting apart. On the Fall Equinox,
September 21st, she decided to act and sent a letter to Crowley stating, "I hereby renounce the title of
Scarlet Woman and pass it on to the Scarlet Concubine of your desire." Upon receiving her letter, Crowley
wasted no time in appointing a new Scarlet Woman. He conferred the title on an American woman named
Dorothy Olsen, also known as Sister Astrid. Shortly afterwards they headed for Tunis, leaving Leah to
roam the streets of Paris. Crowley's relationship with Dorothy Olsen was like a roller coaster with its
continual ups and downs right from the start, a pattern that was typical to every relationship he embarked

Dorothy Olsen was with Crowley when he met Gurdjieff at the Prieure.   In 1926, she simply drifted away.  
Although we do know, according to Crowley, that on October 8th 1926 "Astrid blew out of the South" and
that she appeared for a few days of wild sex, followed by an entry dated Oct.12th stating "Astrid blew out
to the West" which meant that Dorthy Olsen left him and headed back to America. He never saw her again.
Artistic rendering by Crowley
Obituary 05/19/2005 Journal and Topics Newpaper, Des Plaines, IL.
A memorial service for Dorothy (Dolly) Olsen, 89, of Park Ridge, is pending at Cooney Funeral Home, Park Ridge. A native of Chicago, she
lived in Park Ridge for 62 years. She died May 8 after a short battle with cancer. She loved to play bridge and was an avid reader. Surviving
are her son, Richard (Judith) of St. Charles; grandchildren Grady (Betsy Brandt) and Eric Gunnar; and great-grandchild Josephine. Also
survived by a brother, Robert Nelson, 95, of San Diego. Memorials are requested to the Park Ridge Public Library or Park Ridge Community
Passport photo
Passport photo
Ninette had a third child named Isabella.  It is uncertain if Crowley was the father as Ninette was sleeping with Crowley and Baron le Calce at
the time she was conceived in Cefalu.  Isabella was then known as Mimi.
Jeanne was a famous New York fashion model, journalist and editor for Shaw's American Review of Reviews, poet, and she was married to a
man older than her father.  

It was love at first sight.  Crowley asked if she might critique his recent writings and help him improve his prose. Jeanne suggested they meet
for tea at her club the next afternoon.  By the end of tea time, Crowley felt he new her intimately.  Bidding her farewell Crowley said "So, you
are tied to this old satyr who snatched you from the cradle.  And where does that leave me?"

"I loved you at first sight" she replied, "As a spiritual brother."  Then she kissed him and tea ended.
'the Sphinx'  
In his diaries, Crowley wrote "Roddie Minor.  Matron.  Big muscular sensual type. (Aphorodite)."   Big muscular sensual type was Crowley's
ideal of feminine beauty, hence his use of the word Aphrodite in this context.  
From the Arcane Archive:

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.thelema,talk.religion.misc
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Various: Crowley's Progeny
Date: 20 Dec 1997 15:09:46 -0800

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Bill Heidrick :


Christeos Pir  wrote:

quoting me:

>>A.A.MacA. was Crowley's only surviving son, and OTO had agreed to look after him.
>Whatever became of him? I heard he wanted nothing to do with the Order, his father's rep, and the whole shebang...?

Last I heard he was still knocking about London, not in good health or material circumstances.  His children are in touch.
Aleister Attaturk spent some of his teen years in California, with OTO members from Agape Lodge.  He was deported for failure to pay a
medical debt (Germer refused to pay it, actually).  Up to that time A.A. (not A.'.A.'.) had made some effort to attract a following in OTO as
Crowley's successor, utterly without success.  He later attempted to help convince Germer to allow resumption of OTO initiations and temple
work, also without success and possibly contributing to Germer's refusal to pay his medical bills.  After that, in Paris and London, he
occasionally attempted to argue for a role as successor to The Beast, but that petered out in the 1980's e.v.


Bill Heidrick : wrote:

>Heidrick wrote:
>>>Jean, survived Max and lived with Aleister Attaturk MacAlpine for some years in California.  A.A.MacA. was Crowley's only surviving
>>>son, and OTO had agreeded to look after him.
>I'm curious. Where is Aleister Attaturk MacAlpine, and where did  the Attaturk MacAlpine come from ?

See my other post.  As to origins, Aleister Attaturk was the natural son of Aleister Crowley and Patricia MacAlpine, in England.  Mother and
son were in touch with Crowley until Crowley died in 1947 e.v., visiting occasionally.  A.C. cast astrological charts regarding A.A.M.'s health and
welfare and formally requested Agape Lodge in California to look after him  A.A.M. was apprenticed as a cook at the time of Crowley's
Greater Feast.Frieda Harris was in touch both with Crowley and the MacAlpines in the 1940's, expressing considerable interest and concern
in her letters from 1947 e.v.  Although I don't know it for a fact, I suspect Frieda was instrumental in Aleister Attaturk's coming to California.


~From: Bill Heidrick


"David R. Jones"  wrote, quoting me:

>> >>Jean, survived Max and lived with Aleister Attaturk MacAlpine for some years in

>This is the Jean Shivonen that was contacted at the beginning of the orders reformation in 77 right?

Right, after Max died and a time living with Aleister Attaturk, she married Brother Shivonen.  He died eventually and she remarried for a third
time. Some of this history may have contributed to Germer's strange charge that she was a "vampire" -- although Karl had a similar history of
changing and dying mates himself.

>The MacAlpine is his mothers name I believe, saw a picture of her once in the archives.  Hate to be a bit sexist here but boy what a babe.

Considering Crowley's age, the old Beast didn't do at all bad in his later years. :-)

============================================================= (Massimo):


>Wow, this is 180 degrees from what I've heard; in fact, I'd almost swear that I've seen a book by him, published overseas, claiming
>that he was in possession of the *real* copy of Liber AL; that Crowley distributed a fake copy to the world (the one we all know).  
>Of course, this was a while back, and I may very well be remembering something (or everything) wrong.  As well, I may be
>confusing several stories.  Does this book ring a bell with anyone else?

This is not Aleiser Ataturk, but AMADO CROWLEY 777, who wrote at least three books (THE SECRETS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, THE
RIDDLES OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, THE WRATH OF ALEISTER CROWLY - and next? - one of them  really homophobic) and who in 70's
wrote to Man Myth and Magic claiming to be AC's magical and physycal heir. I once discussed the man with Michael Staley, who met him in
the 70s, and he told me that, whatever his father really was (AC could have left some babies here and there, couldn't he?) the main issue was
that Amado stated that somehow HE was the real prophet of the New Era, and that his father was to him some kind of John the Baptist :-)
And yes, he's got the *real* liber AL, found in an egyptian cave/tomb and carefully obtained by pasting together all those little pieces of
papyrus which had been thrown into the air as they entered the secret hiding where the book had been left by the survivors of some lost
civilization/cult/tradition/blah blah blah


~From: Bill Heidrick


Christeos Pir  asked, quoting me:

>>His children are in touch.
>With him, or with the Order?

Both with Aleister Attaturk and the OTO.  Nothing major.
from Sydney Morning Herald  September 14, 1932


The death occurred yesterday of Miss Leila Ida Bathurst Waddell, the Sydney violinist, who achieved considerable fame abroad. She
was the daughter of Mr. David Waddell, of Bathurst and Randwick, and Mrs. Waddell, of Bellevue Hill.

A pupil of Mr. Henri Stael, Miss Waddell became teacher of the violin at the Presbyterian Ladies' College, Croydon, and Ascham and
Kambala schools. She made her public debut at the organ recitals of the then city organist (Mr. Arthur Mason), and joined, as a soloist,
"The Brescians," a party from Europe, who appeared in peasant festival costumes in association with J. T. West's early cinematograph
shows. Mr. West introduced her to London, and she achieved success as the leader of the Gipsy Band in "The Waltz Dream" at Daly's
Theatre. As "The Ragtime Gipsy," Miss Waddell won fame in vaudeville throughout England. She toured Europe with a party which she
formed of six girl violinists with a talent for stately dancing, and also with trios and quartets. Miss Waddell next visited the United States,
and stayed there for many years. She studied under great teachers, including Leopold Auer. She travelled across the country,
appearing in all the great cities. She returned to Sydney a few years ago after a long absence. She had since been a member of J. C.
Williamson Ltd orchestras at Her Majesty's and the Criterion, and was also engaged for the Conservatorium and Philharmonic Society's
orchestras. Despite a recent serious illness, she retained her position as teacher of the violin at the Convent School of the Sacred
Heart, Elizabeth Bay.

Besides possessing an excellent technique, Miss Waddell's style as a violinist was particularly marked by charm and refinement.
Astarte Lulu Panthea aka Louise Muhler
Astarte Lulu Panthea (b. November 26th, 1920 - November 20, 2014
— daughter of Ninette Shumway (aka Isabella Fraux) and Aleister Crowley.

Astarte was raised in the USA from 1931 by Ninette's older sister Helene Fraux. Astarte has four children
including jazz pianist Eric Muhler. Leah Hirsig suspected Ninette's Black Magic foul play and what Aleister found
when reading Ninette's magical diary (everybody had to keep one while at the abbey for reasons explained in
Liber E) appalled him. Ninette was banished from the abbey and the Beast lamented the death of his children.
However, Ninette was soon back in the abbey again to take care of her offspring.

OBITUARY:  Louise Shumway Muhler   Nov 26, 1920 - Nov 20, 2014
Louise passed away peacefully of natural causes on November 20, 2014, at the Piedmont Gardens Skilled Nursing
facility in Oakland, CA. She was born in Cefalu, Sicily, and her given name was Astarte Lulu Panthea. Her mother
was Augustine Ninette Fraux Shumway and her father was Aleister Crowley. Louise came to the United States in 1930 and graduated
from Santa Barbara High School in 1937. She attended Mills College for two years and graduated from the University of California in
1941. In 1940 Louise married Virgil A. Muhler, now deceased, and divorced in 1970. Louise served as a Vista Volunteer for a year in
Laredo, Texas, and in 1970 she began working as an ESL teacher in the Oakland Adult Education School and taught for over 25 years.
Lou was a member of Montclair Presbyterian Church for over fifty years and had a strong focus on social justice issues. She was also an
active member of the Mills College Alumni Association. Lou loved nature and was an avid gardener and amateur expert in botany,
zoology, and bird watching. She shared these passions with others for 15 years as a volunteer docent in the Natural History wing of the
Oakland Museum. She travelled extensively in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America and was fluent in French and Spanish.
She was preceded in death by her brother Howard Shumway. She is survived by her sister, Jeanette Fraux, and brother Richard
Shumway; her children, Susan Joan Muhler, William Mead Muhler, John Eric Muhler, and Wendy Louise Nicholson; five grandchildren,
Tamara Christine Muhler, Nathaniel Westbook Muhler, Tymon Bennett Nicholson, Alexandra Cristina Aguirre Muhler, and Zoë Andrianne
Mountain Muhler; and two great-grandchildren, Kira Louise Muhler Reyes, and William Generoso Muhler Reyes. A memorial service will
be held at the Rheinhardt Alumnae House at Mills College on January 17, 2015, at 11:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be
sent to Mills College for the Louise Shumway Muhler Memorial Scholarship.
Published in San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 7, 2014