Abraham-Hicks LIVE broadcast
Now you can see, hear and feel Abraham, here at Forever And A Day!
Hearing the wisdom of the Teachings of Abraham in real-time is an uplifting experience that thousands of people
enjoy each year in live workshop events.  Now you will be able to experience the Teachings of Abraham in real-time
here in our classroom with other like minded 'Abraham thinkers.'  This is a live event.  You will be able to see, hear,
and feel the upliftment of Abraham as the Internet Broadcast unfolds.
Greenman fountain at entryway
The Law of Attraction Says, "The essence of  that  which is like unto itself, is drawn."
What are the Benefits of Attending an Abraham LIVE Broadcast?
- The ability to hear the most leading edge of thought as it is unfolding.
- Participating in a real-time workshop with other like-minded individuals.
- Gaining alignment and inspiration.
- An
affordable way to see Abraham in action without added travel expenses and time.
- No long lines at the restrooms during the breaks!
Only you and your inner guidance know if an Abraham Live workshop experience is right for you.
We would love to see you here.  Please ask to be placed on our email newsletter list for further information, or check
our calendar to scheduled events.
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The cost is $20.00 per person and is non-refundable. The broadcast will run in three segments of about 1hr 10
minutes each.  There are two 20 minute breaks, the breaks will be after each segment.  You should bring a cushion
if you wish to sit in one of our chairs, or better yet, you can bring a chair of your own.  Refreshments will be
available during the broadcasts and breaks.  Coffee, Tea, soft drinks, and snacks will be provided.  The event is
limited to 20 people so
you must call to pre-pay and reserve your spot in advance.
The next Abraham LIVE workshop will be re-broadcast on Saturday August 13th.
This will be a re-broadcast of the Los Angeles California workshop of July 30th.
Pre-registration is required to attend.