Astrology Learning Cards
Living Magick
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Easily learn the basics of Astrology with the "Astrology Learning Cards" deck from Living
Magick Publishing.

These flash cards include the Astrological symbols on the front of the card and the card's
theme, keywords, numerological and other associations on the back. The information in this
deck features all of the fundamentals of western Astrology, condensed for easy study.

The "Astrology Learning Cards" deck of flash cards is intended to be used as a self study
guide for learning the basics of Astrology, including the Astrological Signs, Planets, Houses,
Aspects, basic chart casting, and more.

The complete Astrology Learning Card deck has 75 double-sided cards, including instruction
and informational cards.  Supplement this deck with the Living Magick "Astrology Quick
Reference Sheet" for an excellent system to learn and recall the many meanings and
associations in this ancient system of divination.

Living Magick Publishing also has Learning Cards for studying Norse Runes and Tarot ~