Crystal Balls
Lovely, splendid Crystall Balls.  The word 'Crystal' comes from the Greeks,
meaning 'frozen water' or 'clear ice'.  As early as the 4th century B.C.E., the
Greeks believed clear crystal was 'frozen water.'  Later, it was called quartz or
rock crystal.  Many believe that quartz crystal is a magnet for psychic
energies and influences.  This is why most mediums and clairvoyants prefer
to use quartz balls.

After purchase, gently scrub the crystal ball with non-abrasive, mild soap and
when finished dry with a soft cloth.  Then, place in direct moonlight where it
can soak up the moons rays which will energize it.  Do this during the New
Moon.  This will increase the psychic connection.  Never let the crystal ball
come in contact with direct sunlight.  This will weaken the magnetism and
render it powerless (unable to draw images).

Do not let others handle or touch your crystal as this will weaken its charge
and your personal influence within the crystal.

Your crystal ball should be stored in darkness, preferably in a light-proof box,
wrapped in a dark cloth...Never store below 55 degrees F.
The Crystal Ball - 1902
By John William Waterhouse
(British, 1849 - 1917)
How to use.  (Scrying)

Work in a clean, calm room.  You want to make sure that you will not be disturbed and that your space is free from
outside noise.  The light should be dim (softly lit).  Bright light can interrupt images that form in the crystal.   This will
also relax the eyes which will improve your ability to focus into the crystal.  Many people like to have candles
burning in the room,  the reflections of the flames help to bring images for some.

Place the crystal on a table 10-14 inches from you, with or without a stand, and on a dark surface such as velvet or
dark cloth.  You must be comfortable.  Adjust the height and distance so that you are comfortable without any eye

It is very important to relax the body and place the mind in a receptive state.  This is key to using your psychic
abilities.  You are trying to induce a state of light trance similar to that reached during meditation.

Once you have gotten yourself in a calm, receptive state, look into the crystal. Let your eyes relax and become
slightly unfocussed.  Stare deeply into its center and focus your thoughts there.  Clear your mind of all thoughts as
you stare at its center.  Mentally picture the crystal and yourself as empty bowls, waiting to be filled.  

If your eyes begin to tire and strain, take a break, close them or look away for a moment, then try again.
It is normal to have to practice a great deal before images will begin to appear.   

Be patient, do not be discouraged!  Sometimes weeks pass before images are seen. Practice frequently so that
your body and mind will become more receptive at reading the crystal.  Eventually you will be able to enter into  the
correct state of mind effortlessly.  Your psychic senses will increase, and you will be able to easily focus and use

Use the crystal no more that ten to fifteen minutes at a sitting until you are proficient.  In time, you will develop the
ability to use the crystal ball.
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