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Forever And A Day is a family owned business in Woodstock, GA.  We strive to provide a peaceful place for peoples of all
beliefs to come and relax, to heal, and to meet others on their respective spiritual journey.  We also offer classes in the
Metaphysical Arts from the best teachers we can find...  All paths lead to the top of the mountain.  

It is also our goal to offer the finest Body, Mind and Spirit merchandise available from the premiere artisans and
manufacturers in the business so that we can help you on your journey.  It is our sincere hope that your shopping experience
with us is enjoyable and enlightening!

Feel free to send your questions or comments to:  admin@foreverandaday.biz  

Please do not ask for a catalog.  We do not print one. Our products are only featured in our store.

We respect your privacy: we will never trade or sell your email address or personal information to any business or list service.

If you know of a manufacturer who makes quality merchandise that you would like to see in our store, we welcome your
SEEKING new products and gifts...  We are continuously looking for unique and beautiful gifts to add to our New Age Store.  
Any suggestions are always welcome.    
Thank you, Sherry and Michael
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7830 Highway 92, Woodstock, GA. 30189
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It has been our dream to have a peaceful place for people of all beliefs to come and relax, to learn, to heal, and
to meet others on their respective spiritual journeys.  We want to have a place where 'Seekers' can purchase
beautiful items to help them on their path.

Now the Age of Aquarius is upon us, and we all are invoking a New Age of Enlightenment.  However, we
know that life has been less than easy for a lot of folks, we are anxious to do what we can to ease the chaos
and confusion of these times of The Shift that is upon us.  We have done our best to make the atmosphere at
Forever And A Day one of peace and tranquility.  Folks tell us that they come in just to soak it up.  We want you
to know that is one of the biggest reasons we're here.  We're here so that you have a place
to just be when
you're feeling in need of a little comfort, peace, or just a big HUG.  Our goal is to offer products and services
that soothe your soul.  

Please enjoy our web-site. We would like to invite you to come to Forever And A Day and see what others
have discovered!  We would be surprised if you don't come away with new friends and acquaintances.   This is
the time to celebrate the dawning of Earth's Golden Age.

With great Love and Blessings,  Namaste.  Sherry and Michael
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;  we are spiritual beings
having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are told, "Physical man gets into an uncomfortable place when he concludes,
I and those like me have come to the right decisions, and everybody that's living
outside of these right decisions is wrong.  And then he spends his life pushing
against all those wrong decisions and cutting himself off from the Life Force that
would help him have joy in his life."

We believe, 'There is no one right path, there are endless paths.  
All paths lead to
the top of the mountain.
This is the New Dawn that human beings have longed for, the new beginning that all your efforts have brought

This is the New World in which you are no longer the dependent children of Creation, but spiritually-adult Beings,
standing in the Light of your own Consciousness.

Alariel, from "Power of the Magdalene by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis
The basis of your life is freedom; The purpose of your life is Joy.  ---   Abraham
"Now you may call this a spiritual or psychological or psychic exploration as you prefer... There are far more
wonders to be achieved through this inward exploration than you can possible believe." -
Question: "Do you miss being in the physical?  If so, which of the physical senses do you miss most?"
"The physical is an expression of the soul.  The multiple layers of emotion involved are a true artistic moment.  
For us it is rather like being within a work of art.  We have availability to create whatever we desire in the
non-physical.  However, the denseness of the linear creates an atmosphere that is un-comparable to anywhere
else.  All of the senses play off of each other creating a harmony of expression.  We do not value one over the
other." -
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