Ravenwood Tradition
Ravenstone Church and Seminary of the Old Religion - based in Acworth, GA and
founded at Imbolc 2010 by Lady Larina and Lord Gaelin, 3rd degree initiates of Lady
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Greenman foutain at entryway
House of Ravenwood/Tidal Moon Grove - based in John's Creek, GA and founded by
Lady Maia, 3rd degree initiate of Lady Sintana and Lord Gaelin.  Lord Raphael is a 3rd
degree initiate of Lady Mia and Lord Peregrine.
The following groups are led by High Priestesses and High Priests initiated by Lady
Sintana or one of her third degree initiates.  

Membership in the Ravenwood Tradition is voluntary and does not imply an
authorization or sanction of that group's teachings - rather acknowledgement that we
all come from the same source.

Some groups have incorporated traditions and teachings from other sources to form
their own unique brand of the Old Religion.    
Myst of the Wildwood - based in Doraville, GA and founded at Lammas by Lady
Astraea,  3rd degree initiate of Lady Sintana and Lady Gwendolyn.
The House of Dragonwood - based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico and founded in 2004
by Lord Lugh, 3rd degree initiate of Lady Sintana.
Sage Moon Grove - based in Leucadia, CA and founded at Beltane 2007 by Lord
Peregrine, 3rd degree initiate of Lady Larina and Lord Gaelin.
Grove of the Willow Wood - based in Dahlonega, GA  and founded at Lammas 2008
by Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin, 2nd degree initiates of Lady Larina and Lord
Lady Sintana
(03/22/1937 - 09/17/2010)
House of Oak Spring - based in Decatur, GA and formed at Beltane 2000 by a council
of 3rd degree priests and priestesses trained in the Ravenwood - Circean tradition..
522 Moreland Avenue in Atlanta
CelticTraditionalist Witchcraft
The Ravenwood Tradition comes from Celtic Traditionalist Witchcraft and Strega.  Lady
Sintana was initiated to all three degrees by Lady Circle and Lord Sariel.  Lady Circie
founded the House of Circe (Brotherhood of the Order of Wicca) in Toledo Ohio. Lord
Sariel was born in Ohio and was Initiated by Italian Strega who took his left little toe..  
Elfsmoor  and Foxmoor Covens in Maryland - Lady Alexander.  Author of  the
'LoveCraft Laws' of Ravenwood and was Lady Sintana's first 3rd degree initiate.  Lady
Alexander passed into the Summerland  April 23, 2000.  Coven is no longer active.
Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion.  Originally founded by Lord Orion, 3rd degree
initiate of Lady Alexander.   One of the trustees, Lord Mateo, is a 3rd degree initiate of
Lady Sintana's.
Lady Circe  
09/08/1921 - 05/30/2004
Ravenwood in the late 70's...
522 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta
Lord Sariel  
03/30/1906 - 01/18/1988
Lady Circe Interview ca 2000 on "Out of the Ordinary... Into the
Extraordinary!" with Host Robert Taylor
1st interview, part 1
1st interview, part 2
Lady Circe Interview ca 2000 on "Out of the Ordinary... Into the
Extraordinary!" with Host Robert Taylor
2nd interview a week after 1st interview, part 1
2nd interview, part 2
The Blade, Toledo Ohio  06/05/2004

Toledo 'witch' founded church
Lady Circe, as Toledoans the last 35 years knew Jeffrey B. Cather, who was a shop owner, a witch, and founder and queen of a church, the
Sisterhood & Brotherhood of the Old Religion, died Sunday in her Old West End home of respiratory failure. She was 82.

She opened a boutique on Floyd Street around 1970. The shop's most recent incarnation, House of Circe, opened in her home last year. She
was a registered nurse at Parkview Hospital when she founded the church. But she'd known she was a witch since she was 12, she told The
Blade in 1972.

"She was a fifth-generation witch," said Connie Lorton, a church high priestess known as Lady Meshlamthea. But starting the church "was a
calling within her. She knew she had to set this path for us and to make it a recognized religion instead of a hidden religion. It's a nature-based

"She was the most ageless, the sweetest, powerful woman," Ms. Lorton said. "Her aura - her presence - was breathtaking. She had the elegance
that Jackie Onassis used to have."

About 50 people participate in the church, but "there have been thousands of students who came through these doors, and many started their
own groups," Ms. Lorton said.

Lady Circe exposed her own children to other religions. Her daughter, Sheryl, chose to continue the family tradition.

"She was everything you'd ever want in a mother," said her daughter, a high priestess known as Lady Medea. "I was always in the craft. I went
through harassment, lost jobs. She never pushed anything."

Lady Circe, after high school in Wilkinsburg, Pa., served stateside in the Women's Army Corps during World War II. Her marriage to Dr. William
Cather ended in divorce. He died in February, 2002.

Surviving are her daughter, Sheryl Cather; sons, Jeffrey, William, and Robert Cather; sisters, Emma J. Sadowsky and Norma J. Robertson, and
three grandchildren.

There will be no visitation. Services will be held in April, 2005, during an annual church gathering in West Virginia. Arrangements are by the
Newcomer-Farley Mortuary.

The family suggests tributes to any animal welfare group or the Toledo Zoo.
Lady Circe and Lady Sintana
Lady Circe and Lady Sintana
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1974 - October 27   Lima News - Lima Ohio
All Hallows Eve Witch's Holliday
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